Thursday, July 30, 2009

The boss is back in two days!

Just had to share! About two weeks ago this older gentleman came into the shop to order a framing job for two coins. One was a penny, the other a half dollar. It was a challenging order as he was VERY particular but we finally chose the "perfect mat and frame" and design. When we were finished, he unexpectedly KISSED MY HAND....UGH!!! I know it probably sounds romantic and all that, but for some reason it totally grossed me out!!! In time his order came up for preparation and I cut the mats, and fit everything inside. It was a challenge as he wanted the coin to show from the back of the frame as interesting job. He came back today to pick it up, and I had been working very hard all day. I had been spraying and dry mounting and working with black paper (LOL it's not a job for tidy people!) and I have to tell you my hands were a mess. Never-the-less he again kissed my hand. EWWWWWWWWWW If only he had known what my hands had been up to before he came in. my Dad always said...You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die...that man is well on his way! LOL I must say I meet the most interesting people!

Today was another chaotic day. It seemed that everything I touched had "issues". Fortunately I'm a few days ahead and tomorrow is another day. I had forgotten there were days like these when I said I would come back, and it's days like these that made me leave in the first place! Who would have thought that framing would be a stressful job? LOL But when you have customers that rant and rave because the frame they chose is out of stock nationwide and won't be back in stock for another two weeks *sigh*, and customers who refused to drymount their posters then come back in and complain that it's rippled, we even had one lady who accused us of changing the colors in her artwork (I'd like to know how we did that...LOL) and left fingerprints on her suede mats (it was just the effect of the suede, we didn't really leave fingerprints)...LOL It's a crazy world...But...the weekend is coming and I can't wait!!!

Off to bed, I'm exhausted. Tomorrow is my last day this week, so look out weekend here I come! I'm getting my fingers in shape to stitch the weekend away! Until later...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another finish!

Good evening! Just had to share what I've been up to between working and looking after my family...Above is the center part of my Carnation Quaker Sampler. I charted the lettering myself (woo hoo!) and I like the way it came out. I enjoyed working on this sampler (below is the entire finished project) but I'm glad now that it's done. I've been working on this for so long and it's time to move on.
Below is the A Stitch A Week Stitch a Long with the yahoo group Friendly Stitchers. I love working out what fibers to use and learning the new stitches that go along with this project. Week 30 is already out, and I've pulled the threads, I just wanted to show you that I'm progressing, and almost caught up!
The boss returns Friday at my job (giving thanks in a BIG way!). I am ready for a vacation after the stress of the past two weeks. As my coworker says, I'm the glue that holds the store together. LOL I don't know if I would go that far, but I did feel like I carried a heavy load for the past two weeks.

Ok, time to get off this thing and relax. Thanks for visiting. *Hugs*

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Find a penny, pick it up...

And all the day you'll have good luck! I found a penny in the parking lot on my way into work today, and I had the best day! I'm so grateful because the past few days have been complete chaos! I almost passed it by and decided I needed all the luck I could I back tracked and picked it up. Then when my co-worker showed up, she said she had found a penny in Safeway and had picked it up for the same reason! LOL So we had double the luck today! I have tomorrow off, and I left work with so much accomplished and all kinds of work laid out for the people who will be in tomorrow. Now if they do their part, we'll finally be caught up! Whew! What a challenge, since when I went back to work a few weeks ago, they were already three weeks behind! I've been training new people and working my tail off, sorting out mistakes and working out missing projects and I think I'm finally back on track. It's downhill from here!

Still missing DS though he has called three times this week (asking for money...what else?) but it's good to hear his voice. He'll be home at 7 AM on Saturday. Can't wait to give him a squeeze!

I'm hoping to stitch tomorrow, and if all goes well, I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow of my progress. Then I'll be working all weekend so no progress will be made then. Can't wait for the boss to get back! Maybe then I'll get some relief from the stress.

Ok, off to stitch. Just had to give a good report of my day! (Finally!)


Monday, July 20, 2009

Just a little note...

I'm chuckling to myself as I sit here, I'm sure if the men from the loony bin could see me they'd be measuring me for a straight jacket even as I type! My mother always said, "So goes Monday, So goes the week!" If that's the case, I'm heading for bed, putting the covers over my head, and not coming out until the weekend...oh wait...I have to work this weekend too. I may stay there a month!!

The boss left on his vacation Friday, need I say more? All heck broke loose the day his SUV headed south. (He hired me back so he could take his family to Disney World). The last time he called, he called to say he would not be answering his phone as he was heading to the pool with his kids. *sigh* I wish I was there...or at the north pole, or in Siberia...anywhere but here!!!!!!!!

I was supposed to have the order in by Noon today. That didn't happen. I was supposed to have a few things framed and ready for people to pick up today. That didn't happen either. I was supposed to "pop" something into a ready made frame for someone today as it was their wife's birthday and he had waited until the very last minute. That DID happen....but barely in the knick of time! I was supposed to end my shift after 8 hours and leave by 6 (for fear of sounding like a broken record, I'll just say that I was an hour late for the lovely dinner my DH had waiting for me, on the good china and everything ... I think he was planning something special the first night DS was away at summer camp...LOL Another perfect evening ruined in his eyes...*grin* I was too tired for what he had planned anyway LOL!!!) What did happen was several phone calls where I waited listening to elevator music while waiting to place an order, or inquire about some missing moulding, while assisting people at the framing table, accepting payments, and accepting a delivery of ready made frames that was not supposed to arrive for another two weeks while a co-worker was complaining that they dropped the pallet of frames in the parking lot without carrying it inside (that's their policy, and I've never questioned it, just carried it inside..what's the big deal??? LOL) Thank God for cordless phones...and I am serious about thanking God! I know he's responsible for that one!! I'm becoming quite accomplished at multitasking (I am woman, hear me roar *snapping into my Wonder Woman pose*). I even got to baby sit a 6 mo old baby for a few minutes while a customer ran to use the restroom through the maze of broken glass and matboards and spare moulding in our back room. Not a safe place for infants even strapped into their carriage! LOL I was home for barely 10 minutes, had just taken my first bite of chicken and dumplings when the phone was the shop and they had a question. Calgon take me away!! (For those of you in the UK, it is not some detergent, it is a lovely scented bath salt we use in our bath water here and the advertisement makes it look like the world melts away as you slip slowly into a huge bathtub lined with candles...sounds relaxing doesn't it? Yes, that's what I need at this particular point in time....) If this is a sample of the first week without the head honcho, I'm dreading the rest of the week. When I tell you this is only the tip of the iceburg that made up my day (I'm not going to bore you with all the nitty gritty details) please believe me I may be reduced to a wimpering blob of jelly by the end of this "boss being on vacation" experience. Oh well, I still have my sense of least for today. I have tomorrow off (and I MAY turn off the phone and escape the little shop of horrors for the day) and all I have planned is to stitch, stitch, stitch, stitch! I need this little oasis as I have to work every day after until next Monday. Stay tuned, as the next message may be from the loony bin!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Which end is up?

Hi all! Where do I begin? So much has happened since the last time I posted. My world is spinning out of control. As my wise Aunt Helen used to say..."Life by the yard is hard, but life by the inch is a cinch!" So I'm taking life by the inch.

On July 4th my cousin came to visit. We made a flying trip to DC to see the fireworks. Of course many of my pictures didn't turn out, but we stood near the Capitol building to see the
fireworks and here is what we saw...It was an awesome sight, and while the Old Guard played the 1812 Overture the sky lit up and I had goosebumps while we celebrated the birth of our nation.

The very next day I started back to work. I found out that they were already 3 weeks behind in their orders so I've been doing my best to play catch up since then. I still have a few "old" orders to work up but for the most part, we are back on track. I can tell you I've worked some LONG HARD hours and lots of nights my feet are hurting when I get home, but it's a satisfying feeling when someone comes to pick up their framed piece and are excited about how good it looks! Did I mention that I work for FGI? We frame people for a living!

I had two days off before the boss left for his vacation. I wasn't ready for him to leave but have survived the past two days, so I guess I'll make it the next two weeks. LOL!! Those two days off before he left felt like heaven! I spent one day with my buddy, Sonya, stitching part of the day away...and look what I accomplished:
I finished my Christmas Quaker!!! I can't believe it's finally done. This was a SAL I followed through Wiehenburg with a piece coming out every week for 28 weeks. I finished up only a few weeks late (because I was home for so long I didn't get a chance to stitch on it for over a month!) I finished just in time to get it framed (if only I could find time at work to pick out my frame design). When it's done I'll post a picture. Don't hold your breath, it may be weeks before I get it done!

Last but not least is my Alla Turca. I apologize for the blurriness of the picture. I'm blaming it on the fact that I was tired when I took the picture, and decided I'll take a better picture of it next time. LOL I've finished part 7!! I'm right on time with this one! Hopefully I'll be able to stay on track with this one. I have really enjoyed stitching this! Only two more months to go!

While I was out working and stitching, Maureen stopped by and surprised me with an award! I'm so shocked and pleased with this, and as soon as I pick 7 people to share the award with, I'll post in on my blog. Thank you so much Maureen! I am always pleased when people leave a message I just never thought anyone would think that highly of my ramblings to leave an award.

I realized today how badly I'm neglecting my family. I was cootchy cooing my kitty cat this morning, he was giving me the "moony eyes" (his eyes look like big round glowing moons) and waiting for his scratches when I saw DH out of the corner of my eyes, perched on the edge of the couch waiting for me to pay the same kind of attention to him...LOL Of course I had to "baby talk" DH and pat his head and scratch behind his ears too! LOL

And today is the first day of DS's summer camp. He came by the shop today to say goodbye as he is off on a bus trip to Florida. He went to the same camp last year but the little group that went flew down. This year the group was much larger, so they hired a bus and are driving down. They assure us it will take 12 hours. They are leaving at 9 tonight, will switch drivers halfway and will arrive at their destination at 9 AM. My loving son told me he would call when they switch drivers (that would be at about 3 AM) and if I know my son, he'll definitely do that! LOL Since I have to work tomorrow, I'm turning the phone off in my bedroom! (Mother's are smarter than 9th graders!) He's a teenager, and his main objective in life is to tease the heck out of me...and he's very accomplished at this! I know this is going to sound sappy, but it's going to be so quiet around here without him. It will be nice to have some time to myself (I haven't had that in a very long time) but I think I'm going to miss him more than I think. It's only a week...right?

Whew, guess that's all the news that's fit to print. Thanks for stopping by! Until next time (and the way my life is going, I'm not sure when that will be) take care and here are a few *Hugs* to keep you healthy till I get back here!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Too busy for words!

Where has the time gone? I can't believe it is the fourth of July already! Someone said the other day...once the fourth is here, Christmas is right around the corner. I sure hope that's not true! I'm no where near ready!!!

I can't seem to catch up. I have some pictures to share but they are not updated either. I hope next week things will slow down a little bit and I might be able to show you what I've accomplished lately. In the meanwhile, let me share a few pics that I do have.

The picture above is one that I worked on during the retreat the weekend before mother's day.The picture above is the gift I finished during the retreat to give to my Mother for Mother's day. She used to sing this song to me when I was growing up.DH and I had a few days to ourselves while DS was away on a missions trip so we decided to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary early. We spent 3 heavenly nights in this Bed and Breakfast called the Southern Mansion in Cape May, NJ. We stayed in the main house, Room 4 (pictured below). Quite a difference from our honeymoon 25 years ago! Interestingly enough, many people asked us if we were honeymooners during this visit to Cape May. I know we were both relaxed and having fun and it's flattering to think that strangers seeing us for the first time thought we were so in love.Last but not least, is our adventure at Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. Ben was chosen to "steal 2nd base" and so during the game he was given 1 minute to run from the farthest point in the outfield to 2nd base, pick it up and run back. He ran the fastest I've ever seen him run, got to 2nd base and couldn't get it out of the ground! He struggled there but finally pulled it up and ran back with 12 seconds to spare! Afterward you would have thought he was a celebrity, people stopped and said they had seen him on the ballfield, one guy reached over the railing after his run to shake his hand, the people behind me (because of course I was cheering!!) asked me if I knew that guy on the field and when he returned to his seat complimented him on his run. Even after the game on the train ride home a person recognized him from the game. What fun we had that night! Along with the 4 free tickets to the game, he was given a free jersey (which he wore during his run), a baseball cap, a limited edition bobblehead, and $75.00 of gift certificates he could use anywhere in the park. It truly is fitting that DS won this honor, as he is a die-hard Orioles fan (no matter how low in the standings the Orioles go).Today I'm waiting for my cousin to arrive. She and her daughter and her 3 grandchildren are coming to visit for the night. Unfortunately they have to leave for home tomorrow. If all goes well, we will head for Washington DC to see the fireworks on the National Mall! I've done this once before, spent the whole day there, back when DS was only 4. It was worth it to do it once and since neither my cousin nor her daughter have been to DC, it's worth it to do it again (I think). Sometimes it's a hastle with the stepped up security and the mobs of people. I hope the rain stays away and they have a fun time. I wish we could leave ealier though, I heard Neil Diamond is entertaining the crowds for a while this year, he's one of my favorite entertainers. It will be nice to see my cousin again.

Well I will try to be more consistant with updates from now on. I've finished my first full week of work (and what a week that was!!) and have survived. Hopefully it will be easier from now on, we'll see! I'm sure my stitching time will be limited now as I'm working full time, but I always have interesting stories to tell from my job. I meet the most fascinating people there (yesterday I framed a picture of the Jackson 5 that had been autographed by all the brothers but was never framed for 40 years...Michael Jackson must have been about 10 in the picture!). I have met several members of the secret service who have pictures of themselves guarding the various presidents. We've framed license plates and flags that have been on the presidential limos during inaugurations, lots of people who have attended Christmas events at the White House come to have their photos with the President and their families, we even have some of our frames hanging in the halls of the National Archives! I really love this job and I'm so glad to be back working there!

Ok, off to celebrate our independence day. Hope you have a safe and memorable holiday. *Hugs*