Monday, April 6, 2009

What a day!

Today was a great day! I was a little worried when I first got up, there were heavy rain clouds and thundershowers but I was able to squeeze a shower in between thunder claps...and then...before I could dry my hair, the lights went out! No stitching for me today :( I was beginning to wonder if we would get to the game, but not to worry, even though we had to leave "in the dark" it cleared up before we got to the ball park and the sun came out! We picked up DS and headed out..

While we waited for the ceremonies to start, DS did his homework in the stands while we had a late lunch. As we waited, dark clouds began to roll in...but as luck would have it, we happened to have seats under shelter...and when the huge raindrops started falling, we watched as people scrambled to "dry land" LOL. We didn't know exactly where our seats would be before we got there, but fortunately for us we were under cover! Again, the rain clouds cleared out and the opening pitch was only delayed by about 20 minutes. Joe Biden (yes the Vice President) threw out the first pitch....and the game was on!

Now in order to understand why this game was so'd have to understand the rivalry between the Yankees and the Orioles. NY fans come down to Baltimore and try to buy out most of the seats (part of the reason is that tickets to Yankee stadium are out of sight, where as the owner of the Orioles tries to keep it family friendly with prices that the average Joe can if Yankee fans want to see a game, it's usually cheaper to come down to Baltimore and get tickets here), it's really hard for Orioles fans to get tickets for games against the Yankees. And the Yankees have tons of money so they "buy" the best players. The problem with that, is that they all think they are the best players on the team, and forget to play AS a sometimes they are good, and sometimes they choke.
Today was a record-breaking day! Attendance to the game was higher than ever before at Camden yards! It was nice to see so much orange in the stands. There were a lot of Yankee fans dispersed in the stadium...what is sad is that as they began to lose, they got very obnoxious, then when they nearly tied the score, they became even more obnoxious. We saw a lot of Yankee fans get tossed out of the game as they began to throw insults around and a few punches as well. Finally the Orioles broke away and won in the top of the 8th with a score of 5 to 10!
We sat near some Yankee fans...and for the most part they were pretty "respectful". We joked around a bit with them all in good fun. At least I thought it was in good fun, until just before the end of the game when we were almost sure to win, they got up and left so they wouldn't have to see their team lose. LOL
All I can say now is....the Baltimore Orioles are undefeated as of right this minute! It's a good feeling, because usually we are at the bottom of the heap. Let's hope this is their season to make it to the playoffs! Let's Go O's!

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Kathy said...

Loved reading about Opening Day. My team had to have their game postponed. (Royals vs White Sox). Royals are always on the bottom, but nothing is better than Opening Day. We used to go almost every year. Now it is difficult to get Opening Day tickets. It is about the only game that is sold out. Have been there to see them win on Opening Day and there is, indeed, nothing better than starting the year 1-0.