Thursday, April 23, 2009

A new beginning!

Good evening everyone! I've been a stitching machine lately! I have to admit, it was a loooong day so I amused myself by stitching the day away!

I made some progress on my Victorine 1897 and have finished the second page. Once I got my act together, I was able to stitch a little without having to frog. Thank heavens! Frogging on 32 ct over one is NOT my favorite past time! I think it's beginning to look pretty good, if I do say so myself! I think you can see the colors of the fabric a little bit better in this photo. But by the time I took these pictures the sun had already set. *sigh* As I said, today was a busy day. Our van needed it's 30,000 mile service. Of course they HAD to find something else to do while they were under the's like going to the Doctor for a hangnail and finding out you have a broken finger too! LOL Thank heavens it wasn't too serious, just time consuming...I sat there for 3 hours!!! Thankfully I brought along some stitching and the time literally flew by! As I was driving home it was like driving a new car, they did a fabulous job! All the idiot lights had been turned off and everything tightened was great!

Since I was caught up on the Victorine, I had time to start another SAL I've been sitting on for a while. These pieces are available once a week and there will be 56 pieces when the pattern is complete. 25 of them are available right now! I found this on this blog and just LOVE the colors. It's a bit modern...but I like to do all kinds of things, not all of them have to be "antique" looking. I'm using DMC, the colors they suggest, 165, 166, 580, 581, 3685, 3687, 3688, 3689, 3819. I'm stitching it on a 32 ct evenweave over one called Taupe. I love the way these colors look on this fabric (again the picture doesn't do it justice). Either I need a new camera or I need to adjust my computer...something's not quite right! LOL (EEEK It can't POSSIBLY be ME!?!?!?!?! LOL!!)

I met DS walking home from the bus stop as I was coming home. He walked up to me and tears started forming in his eyes as he started to tell me he had "bad news". I was afraid he had been hurt or something, and as he began his story he started to hyperventilate...I was getting worried. When he finally told me what was wrong (he had broken his retianer and it costs $215.00 to replace!!!) he had melted into a sobbing, frightened mess. I guess he thought I would yell at him. He had broken them in first period at school and fretted about it all day long, so it was almost a relief to "confess" but he was also afraid I would be angry. Kids sure are funny. After I lost my job, money was tight and we had told him we were going to cut down on "frivilous" spending and he was being really good. He had been very cautious about asking for money for school events and things he reallly wanted but didn't need and was being very mature about it. So when he realized what these would cost it threw him into a panic. Fortunately our tax returns had just arrived in our checking account so we could breathe a little easier. I felt awful that he panicked and spent the whole day worrying about how he would tell us. Just when you think the terrible teenage years will never end... he worries about something like this...LOL I acted pretty non-chalant about it, called the orthodontist and scheduled an appointment and told him not to worry, we'd get it all sorted out soon. You would have thought I was his new best friend. And just the other day I was the Meanest Mom in the world! LOL *shaking head* Must be the hormones!?!?! Hm...well I hope he remembers this day for a long time...when I was the "bestest" Mom in the whole wide world! LOL

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Maureen said...

Love that new SAL you are doing - had a look at the site, the colours are just striking - mind, I am a bit partial to anything bright lol!

glad to hear you are now the bestest mum in the world - your poor boy must have been quaking in his boots at the thought of telling you it had broke .. nice that he appreciates the value of stuff though..