Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Did It!

Hi Everyone! I'm doing the happy dance today! This project is giving me gray hair! I love the design, truly I do, but I've had so many problems with it and I've done so much frogging that I'm getting old before my time (it's more frustrating than my teenager if that puts it in perspective! LOL) The good news is, I won't have to deal with this as long as I will my teenager! Life is good! I'm thrilled to have gotten this far today!

This is only the first page, I have already downloaded the second page so I'll still be working on this today. The color I was having difficulty with is t
he lighter green surrounding the "blossoms". The first color I tried was invisible. The second color was too close to the darker green, but this one is just right! (I feel like I'm baby bear in the story of the three bears! LOL) I'm a little disappointed in the color of the photograph, I tried to fix it but couldn't get it just right. It's odd how the colors of the floss are dead on, but the fabric I'm using is more of a warm medium brown hand dyed fabric. You can't even see the subtle mottling of the colors in the fabric in this picture. It's a dull dreary day here in Maryland, so I can't get good sunlight. I'll try again after I finish page two.

Ok, ready for the details of this little beauty? I found this on this blog and it's called Abecedaire "Victorine 1879". It is a French website and from what I could tell the owner of the website found this rolled up in a drawer and assumes it was something her mother made in her youth. She decided to chart it for anyone who wants it! I just love the colors! I chose to do this on 32 ct Meadow Rue line
n sitching over one thread (it is hand dyed but I can't remember which company, it might be Lakeside Linens or Picture This Plus). I'm using DMC colors 310, 355, 830, 832, and 926. Having used the 310 for all the lettering, I think I might have reconsidered and tried a silk for the black, the letters aren't coming out smooth like I would like them to and so I'm a little disappointed there, but after all the frogging I've done, I'm going to turn a blind eye to that and just keep stitching.

After all the chaos on Monday, Tuesday did turn into Tame Tuesday and I was able to even show up at a local "stitch night" at the local library. It was a pretty day yesterday right up until I left for the stitch night, while we were stitching it poured and thundered and stormed, but it was done by the time I left. We're getting more rain today. I refuse to complain about the weather though, it's causing all kinds of things to bloom near my a look! My tulips are beginning to blossom (I take pictures after the first bloom because last year the deer ate them after the first day. Hopefully they'll behave themselves this year. My mother suggested I spray pepper spray on them but the deer have to eat too I suppose! LOL I think this is an azalea that is in my back yard. I have one in the front yard too, but that one always blossoms later. It's loaded with buds, but I'll take the picture when it finally blooms. Till then...take care!

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Kathy said...

Gorgeous azalea! I love the color. And the tulip too. Luckily I don't live close enough to the park for the deer to bother my plants. Though I did have some bunnies in the area who liked my crocus and tulips. But it seems like the feral cats have cleaned out the bunnies because I haven't seen them (the bunnies that is) in ages. :( I'd rather have the bunnies than those cats though.
I love the colors in your sampler. Glad you managed to get past the frogs. Or did you send them to my house? :)
And thank you for your comments on my blog.