Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fan Fest 2009

Today was the beginning of our Sports weekend. Lord, give me strength! I was pleasantly surprised that the guys didn't spend all day there. I do enjoy Fan Fest at Camden Yards. Let's Go O's! They always give away such cool stuff, if you are in the right place at the right time. We absconded with a few bobble heads (Brian Roberts! *drool*) but didn't get his autograph again this year *sigh* This was part of our "haul" and I finally got my floppy hat! (I've been waiting for one of those for years!!) Life is good!

I'm very excited to say I did get Don's autograph. He's the morning achor for WJZ-TV in Baltimore! What fun it was to see the people I eat breakfast with each and every morning up close and personal! They looked like they were having fun!
Just to prove my love of baseball, I have to show you something I stitched for DS last year for his birthday. This is a cross stitched picture of Camden Yards where the Baltimore Orioles play and I do mean "play" because they haven't had a very good season since Iron Man Cal Ripkin Jr retired back in the 80's. (He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame last year!) We keep hoping for a better season. I love the Orioles no matter how they do, but I would enjoy going to games more if they would win more often. Opening day is two days away and they play the dreaded New York Yankees, their nemesis. I hope they win their opening game....I'll let you know in two days! LOL
Tomorrow is the Washington Capitals last home game of the regular season. They won last night putting them in the play offs...let's hope they do as well tomorrow! Rock the Red!
I hope you weren't here hoping to see what I've been stitching lately, that will have to wait until next week sometime, since this weekend is devoted specifically to sports! The curse of living in a male dominated household (or so I let them think LOL).

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