Thursday, April 30, 2009

A few finishes

Hello again!

I didn't think I would get a chance to post again before I left, but I decided I had better take pictures of these things before I gave them away. I hope the ladies who are going to the retreat don't see this post before the retreat! LOL

We usually bring something for each lady at the retreat, so I made them all bookmarks. I hope I have enough! I think a few more have been invited at the last minute and even though I know I made more than I thought I would need, I'm hoping there are still enough! I finished the back of them today, which was a challenge in itself! I hemmed and hawed until I just bit the bullet and used stitch witchery and ribbon on the back. I have never used this before so I hope they hold up! Wish me luck! LOL

The little bear holding the egg was a SAL I also finished today. I had shown the stitching to the lady who is in charge of the retreat and she told me I should finish it off and bring it with me. I've never finished anything like this before and so again I was faced with a challenge (seems to be a lot of that going around).'s not perfect, but I think it's kinda cute. The finisher for the local LNS will be along on this retreat too, I'm a little embarrassed to show this to her as she always does a lovely job and this is nowhere near her standards, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could finish something if I wanted to.

It's well past midnight and I am supposed to meet a friend tomorrow to run errands. I'm not packed, I haven't made a list of stuff I want to take on the retreat, and I still have some cleaning up to do before I head to bed. why am I still here typing? I usually don't put things off until the last minute, but it seems lately that I'm always two steps behind where I should be. Ok, enough rambling, I'll see you after the retreat!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Stitch A Week

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to throw a few pictures up of the newest stitch-a-long I've been preoccupied with. First let me tell you that it's intimidating for me...LOL I don't like choosing my own colors, or fibers to use. This is REALLY stretching my comfort zone, but I think it's good for me! I'm actually having fun! I'm learning so much about fabric counts and different fibers, and new and different stitches! I've had to experiment with number of strands and even how I want to stitch things. It's a challenge but I do love it! So...where should I start? This is called A Stitch A Week SAL and I found it on another person's blog. She found it through a Yahoo group called Friendly Stitchers. They are a fun loving bunch of ladies and I'm enjoying getting to know them. The artist of this design is called Abi, and she is phenominal! I hate to put this one down just because the experimentation has been so much fun. I'm stitching this on 32 ct Taupe over 2 threads (don't faint those of you who know I love to stitch over one!!!). I think, because of the size of each of the little graphs and the different stitches I HAVE to do it over two...but I'm enjoying the change of pace. The owl is done in DMC and white rayon, I tried to make it look like a snowy owl. The Lily of the valley flowers are done with white rayon and DMC, and the robin is done all in DMC. The grid work is done with Waterlilies by Caron and the color is Celadon....kind of a varigated light green. I really wanted to start this and take it along on my retreat, but I would have to drag all my DMC and specialty fibers along and that would take up a lot of room. I'm the worst for packing too much so I'll have to think about this, but it would be fun to have the input of some fabulous creative stitchers...decisions, decisions! I'm able to finish several of these little patterns a day and so hopefully I'll catch up quickly as they are already on week 17!!!!

I'm not sure if I will be able to post again before I leave for the retreat. I can hardly wait! I had such a blast last year, I'm really looking forward to getting away from the guys and stitching to my hearts content! I'm nowhere near being ready and have a few busy days ahead. I hope I can finish up what I need to before I leave...wish me luck! I'll see you when I get back!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A new beginning!

Good evening everyone! I've been a stitching machine lately! I have to admit, it was a loooong day so I amused myself by stitching the day away!

I made some progress on my Victorine 1897 and have finished the second page. Once I got my act together, I was able to stitch a little without having to frog. Thank heavens! Frogging on 32 ct over one is NOT my favorite past time! I think it's beginning to look pretty good, if I do say so myself! I think you can see the colors of the fabric a little bit better in this photo. But by the time I took these pictures the sun had already set. *sigh* As I said, today was a busy day. Our van needed it's 30,000 mile service. Of course they HAD to find something else to do while they were under the's like going to the Doctor for a hangnail and finding out you have a broken finger too! LOL Thank heavens it wasn't too serious, just time consuming...I sat there for 3 hours!!! Thankfully I brought along some stitching and the time literally flew by! As I was driving home it was like driving a new car, they did a fabulous job! All the idiot lights had been turned off and everything tightened was great!

Since I was caught up on the Victorine, I had time to start another SAL I've been sitting on for a while. These pieces are available once a week and there will be 56 pieces when the pattern is complete. 25 of them are available right now! I found this on this blog and just LOVE the colors. It's a bit modern...but I like to do all kinds of things, not all of them have to be "antique" looking. I'm using DMC, the colors they suggest, 165, 166, 580, 581, 3685, 3687, 3688, 3689, 3819. I'm stitching it on a 32 ct evenweave over one called Taupe. I love the way these colors look on this fabric (again the picture doesn't do it justice). Either I need a new camera or I need to adjust my computer...something's not quite right! LOL (EEEK It can't POSSIBLY be ME!?!?!?!?! LOL!!)

I met DS walking home from the bus stop as I was coming home. He walked up to me and tears started forming in his eyes as he started to tell me he had "bad news". I was afraid he had been hurt or something, and as he began his story he started to hyperventilate...I was getting worried. When he finally told me what was wrong (he had broken his retianer and it costs $215.00 to replace!!!) he had melted into a sobbing, frightened mess. I guess he thought I would yell at him. He had broken them in first period at school and fretted about it all day long, so it was almost a relief to "confess" but he was also afraid I would be angry. Kids sure are funny. After I lost my job, money was tight and we had told him we were going to cut down on "frivilous" spending and he was being really good. He had been very cautious about asking for money for school events and things he reallly wanted but didn't need and was being very mature about it. So when he realized what these would cost it threw him into a panic. Fortunately our tax returns had just arrived in our checking account so we could breathe a little easier. I felt awful that he panicked and spent the whole day worrying about how he would tell us. Just when you think the terrible teenage years will never end... he worries about something like this...LOL I acted pretty non-chalant about it, called the orthodontist and scheduled an appointment and told him not to worry, we'd get it all sorted out soon. You would have thought I was his new best friend. And just the other day I was the Meanest Mom in the world! LOL *shaking head* Must be the hormones!?!?! Hm...well I hope he remembers this day for a long time...when I was the "bestest" Mom in the whole wide world! LOL

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Did It!

Hi Everyone! I'm doing the happy dance today! This project is giving me gray hair! I love the design, truly I do, but I've had so many problems with it and I've done so much frogging that I'm getting old before my time (it's more frustrating than my teenager if that puts it in perspective! LOL) The good news is, I won't have to deal with this as long as I will my teenager! Life is good! I'm thrilled to have gotten this far today!

This is only the first page, I have already downloaded the second page so I'll still be working on this today. The color I was having difficulty with is t
he lighter green surrounding the "blossoms". The first color I tried was invisible. The second color was too close to the darker green, but this one is just right! (I feel like I'm baby bear in the story of the three bears! LOL) I'm a little disappointed in the color of the photograph, I tried to fix it but couldn't get it just right. It's odd how the colors of the floss are dead on, but the fabric I'm using is more of a warm medium brown hand dyed fabric. You can't even see the subtle mottling of the colors in the fabric in this picture. It's a dull dreary day here in Maryland, so I can't get good sunlight. I'll try again after I finish page two.

Ok, ready for the details of this little beauty? I found this on this blog and it's called Abecedaire "Victorine 1879". It is a French website and from what I could tell the owner of the website found this rolled up in a drawer and assumes it was something her mother made in her youth. She decided to chart it for anyone who wants it! I just love the colors! I chose to do this on 32 ct Meadow Rue line
n sitching over one thread (it is hand dyed but I can't remember which company, it might be Lakeside Linens or Picture This Plus). I'm using DMC colors 310, 355, 830, 832, and 926. Having used the 310 for all the lettering, I think I might have reconsidered and tried a silk for the black, the letters aren't coming out smooth like I would like them to and so I'm a little disappointed there, but after all the frogging I've done, I'm going to turn a blind eye to that and just keep stitching.

After all the chaos on Monday, Tuesday did turn into Tame Tuesday and I was able to even show up at a local "stitch night" at the local library. It was a pretty day yesterday right up until I left for the stitch night, while we were stitching it poured and thundered and stormed, but it was done by the time I left. We're getting more rain today. I refuse to complain about the weather though, it's causing all kinds of things to bloom near my a look! My tulips are beginning to blossom (I take pictures after the first bloom because last year the deer ate them after the first day. Hopefully they'll behave themselves this year. My mother suggested I spray pepper spray on them but the deer have to eat too I suppose! LOL I think this is an azalea that is in my back yard. I have one in the front yard too, but that one always blossoms later. It's loaded with buds, but I'll take the picture when it finally blooms. Till then...take care!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Are you wondering why there's no picture? am I...LOL I've had a perfect Monday...full of chaos and mania! The local TV station in Baltimore always has people gathering in a public place on Monday morning singing "It's Just Another Manic Monday". I should have been out there singing a solo because that suited me to a T today!

A few days ago I started a new sampler. I love this sampler, it looks so pretty on the blog that I found it on! I know I should have the website listed here, but at the moment, I can't recall the web address. I'll post it when I post a picture in a few days. I said, it looks so pretty on the blog. The pattern isn't that hard to follow. I decided to stitch this on a hand dyed fabric called Meadow Rue to give it an older appearance. The colors they called for didn't really suit the fabric, so I substituted. They looked great lying there on the fabric! Really they did! And then I started stitching....and one of the colors disappeared! Yikes! I stitched a few of the other colors to make sure I liked them stitched into the fabric and they seemed back to the LNS I go this morning, driving 30 minutes one way in pouring, torrential rain. (I'm desperate to start this one, can you tell????)

I guess I should pause for effect here and tell you that I haven't had much sleep in the past few days. I'm not sure why I'm not sleeping well, but I have been waking up from dreams that I can't recall later and then taking a long time to fall back to sleep. And we all know what sleep deprivation and rainy days does to a person...I feel like a walking zombie, so hopefully I'm making some sense here...LOL.

I get the opinion of two of my friends that work at my LNS and we agree on a skein of floss two shades darker, hoping that it's lighter than the other darker green I have already stitched. I race home (again in the driving rain) to frog all the lighter green I had stitched, which isn't easy when you are stitching on evenweave fabric over one!! It takes a lot longer to frog than to stitch this piece I must say! I begin to stitch a few stitches with the new color and you can barely distinguish it from the other color. I wanted it to be subtle, not invisible or overbearing...and I had got it wrong again! Back to frogging...but fortunately I realized my error only after a few stitches (that was the one good thing that happened today! LOL). Now it was too late to go back to the store before DS came home from I wait, and wait, and wait.

Finally he squishes through the door (still raining cats and dogs out there) and I ask him if he wants to run to Michaels with me (it's closer than the LNS) and he says, "Are you kidding me Mom? Have you seen it raining out there? And besides I have homework, and going to Michaels with you is worse that torture, that's just plain inhumane! It's the equivalent of spending time at Guatanimo Bay!" I promise him I will not look at anything along the way to the floss, I know which colors I'm going to get, I'll use cash and we'll be out of there in 10 seconds flat! His response "Yeah right Mom, I've heard that one before...forget it, I'd rather stay home and do homework!" He knows me too well!

So off I go alone in the pouring rain once again (praying I won't nod off)...and I realize on my way that it's that time of day when EVERYONE is on the road. People rushing out to pick kids up from school, or drop them off at this or that activity and Maryland drivers are not known for their patience in inclement weather. I should have listened to DS! Anyway, I'm out there now, and of course, I can't resist looking at each nook and corner of Michaels, I mean after all there might be something on sale that I can use at a later date! And indeed I did find some bargains, but I limited myself to $20.00 because that's all the cash I had on me. LOL I got some ribbon, a glass canister, some metallic thread, some fabric, and...oh yeah, the floss I needed! I'm such a shopaholic!

Finally I make it home after the battle of the beltway but by now I'm a wimpering mess. I'm drenched, I'm exhausted, I'm chilled to the bone, and I have three hungry animals looking at me wondering what I'm going to put in their food dishes for dinner. I'm talking about DH, DS, and Thomas the cat! LOL With a huge sigh of exhaustion I scream "Fall out for dinner!" then throw open the refridgerator door and sandwich meat and hotdogs fall out. I know....not at all healthy, but the best I can do in my current state of mind.

With dinner and dishes out of the way, the homework wars finally ended and the dust settled, I'm finally able to sit down and put a few stitches in my new piece. The color is as close to perfect as I think I'm going to get so I'm happy with it now....but as I'm stitching.......I discover a MISTAKE! *Heavy sigh* More Frogging! EGAD! My head is spinning with all the frogging, restitching, frogging and restitching again. I've finally placed it gently (after barely restraining myself from pitching it across the room) near my stitching chair, all the mistakes PAINSTAKINGLY removed and ready to begin anew tomorrow. I have nowhere to go and nothing to do, so tomorrow I'm going to put my feet up, watch a movie I recorded the other night, and be one with my new project. After all, Manic Monday is over and tomorrow is going to be Tame Tuesday.....Right? Please tell me I'm right...or they'll have to have me comitted!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

Finally...A few minutes to myself to update my current WIP's! It's been a wild and whacky week and I only have a few minutes at the moment, but let's let you see what I've been up to this past week.

The beginning of the month is always a little rushed, as all the pages for my SAL's come along. I love the way the band sampler is coming along from Sticktreff.

Next is the Carnation Sampler from Wiehenburg. I think there are only two more months to go on this one. I love having a finish, but I'll miss stitching this one as it has a joy to work on!
Last but not least is the newest start of all my SAL's. This one began about a month ago, but I didn't get my act together until the 12th. That's when I started this beauty! I tried to match colors in my living room. The color doesn't lend itself to the "daintiness" that I wanted but I think it's coming out nicely none-the-less. This is Le Marquoir de Sophie. I'm stitching it on Platinum Belfast Linen 32 ct over one using DMC 3808 floss. I'm going to have to find my own lettering for the next part as I want to change the letters to mine whereas the designer is going to publish her own letters. The designer's blog is Wish me luck! LOL
Will try to write more soon, I need to run and pick up DS from school then run to the commissary for the rest of the materials for dinner. We're having Pork Chops and stuffing tonight! (Quite a switch from having "fall-out" all week!) You DO know what "fall-out" is right? You open the refridgerator door and whatever falls out is what you have for dinner! LOL Bonne Appitite!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meanest Mom in the World!

I'm sorry, just had to brag here a little bit...LOL I've been bestowed with a great honor! I've been awarded the "Meanest Mom in the World" Award. *Bowing gracefully* Thank you for that polite applause!

It's been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong weekend. DS has been off from school since last Thursday for the "spring holiday" and finally went back to school today. *breathing a sigh of relief* You know, sometimes I wonder about our education system in this country. It seems whenever there is a long break from school, the teachers pile on the homework. Most people have plans for the holidays, whether it be traveling or having people visit. We didn't have anything going on, but it would have been nice to have a break from the hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing of trying to get my teenager to do his homework. Now granted, he had a LOT including a project he had to work on with another student. They had several chapters they had to read in a book for English (which IS hard to do in one sitting) along with note taking, a skit he had to create with another student in Spanish, and a math booklet to finish, along with practicing his instrument for band. BUT, having said that, it does NOT take 5 days to do all of this homework! Can you spell procrastination? I threatened, I yelled, I begged and pleaded, and finally at 8 last night he finished his homework. *whew* I have to tell you that exhausted me.

Now it probably wouldn't have taken that long, but DH decided DS could spend most of one day visiting a friend, we spent one evening at a Baseball game (YES!! ANOTHER ONE!!!), spent a few hours in physical therapy, and there is church on Sunday. But I'm the meanie, I'm the harpy, I'm the one who has to MAKE him do his homework. When you talk about a "chip off the old block", DS is the Old Block and DS is the chip! I think I'm going on strike and see how the household runs without me. I'm not going to say a word about homework. I'm not going to say a word about meals. I'm not going to say a word about garbage day. I'm not going to say a word about putting gas in the vehicles. I'm going to forget aboug gym clothes in the backpack, and not making lunch. Keys can stay where they land, as well as shoes and glasses. *huge grin* This should be fun! Whenever anyone says anything, I'll just climb the stairs to my bedroom and shut the door! THEN we'll see who the meanie is! Do you think this will work? *sigh* Me either...but it'll be worth a shot. I'll let you know how this works out! *Sitting down on strike*

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Snow, in April?

Can you believe it? I know I can't, but yes, it snowed last night and this morning. I'm still in shock! LOL Big white fluffy flakes, while flowers are blooming and leaves are beginning to bud on the trees. *Sigh* Fortunately it didn't stick, but it's still cold enough to snow out there! YIKES! Al Gore, I want a word with you!!! Global warming? Prove it!! LOL
Well, while it was freezing out yesterday, I kept myself warm with blazing needles! I was able to finish page 15 of my Christmas Quaker and will be ready for the next page in two days! It's coming along quite nicely I think!
I thought I would throw some pictures of my flowering indoor plants on here while I was at it. I'm particularly fond of my hibiscus. This little lady I found in the commissary and couldn't resist. I've been babying her because I just love her blossoms and at first I bought it to put outside, but was afraid I would either cook her of freeze her, so she became an indoor plant. She sat dormant all winter, her leaves are really pretty, but we all know it's the blossoms we live when I got the first bud of the season I watched her closely for the one day it would bloom. The blooms only last a day and then they fall off. Usually there are other buds that bloom right along, but there was only one this time. She reminds me of when we lived in Hawaii. On the way home from work I would pass a literal "fence" of hibiscus. They had grown to about 8 feet in height and there were always blossoms on this "fence". From then on hibiscus will always remind me of Hawaii.

Violets are my favorite flower. I have several plants but this one is my favorite, I think because of the unique coloring on the leaves. I passed by some pots on sale once, there were no blossoms on them so I had no idea what they would look like. I think I got this plant for 25 cents and it was in poor shape. I've babied it now for a little over a year, and finally it got it's first blossoms, and look at the treasure it was hiding!
Ok, back to stitching! It's my last day of peace for a I have to make hay while the sun shines! I hope you're having a warmer spring than I am wherever you are!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It seems like ages since I've been able to post something to do with stitching! It's been a long dry spell without being able to stitch. I love being around my family and doing things with them, but I really enjoy my alone time when I can stitch to my hearts content. I am finally finished with part 4 of the Alla Turca! YAY! The beginning of the month is usually busy for me with stitching as all the new parts of my SAL's come out and with all the sporting events I've had to attend, I haven't been able to stitch. I'm posting this now, but hope to keep stitching today. I probably won't be able to catch up on any of the others tonight, but I'm going to give it the old college try! I only have one more day of "peace" because DS has Thursday through Monday off from school so I'll have to be playmate and entertainer for the next several days. *sigh* I must have been REALLY bad because as they say...."No rest for the wicked" ! LOL

Monday, April 6, 2009

What a day!

Today was a great day! I was a little worried when I first got up, there were heavy rain clouds and thundershowers but I was able to squeeze a shower in between thunder claps...and then...before I could dry my hair, the lights went out! No stitching for me today :( I was beginning to wonder if we would get to the game, but not to worry, even though we had to leave "in the dark" it cleared up before we got to the ball park and the sun came out! We picked up DS and headed out..

While we waited for the ceremonies to start, DS did his homework in the stands while we had a late lunch. As we waited, dark clouds began to roll in...but as luck would have it, we happened to have seats under shelter...and when the huge raindrops started falling, we watched as people scrambled to "dry land" LOL. We didn't know exactly where our seats would be before we got there, but fortunately for us we were under cover! Again, the rain clouds cleared out and the opening pitch was only delayed by about 20 minutes. Joe Biden (yes the Vice President) threw out the first pitch....and the game was on!

Now in order to understand why this game was so'd have to understand the rivalry between the Yankees and the Orioles. NY fans come down to Baltimore and try to buy out most of the seats (part of the reason is that tickets to Yankee stadium are out of sight, where as the owner of the Orioles tries to keep it family friendly with prices that the average Joe can if Yankee fans want to see a game, it's usually cheaper to come down to Baltimore and get tickets here), it's really hard for Orioles fans to get tickets for games against the Yankees. And the Yankees have tons of money so they "buy" the best players. The problem with that, is that they all think they are the best players on the team, and forget to play AS a sometimes they are good, and sometimes they choke.
Today was a record-breaking day! Attendance to the game was higher than ever before at Camden yards! It was nice to see so much orange in the stands. There were a lot of Yankee fans dispersed in the stadium...what is sad is that as they began to lose, they got very obnoxious, then when they nearly tied the score, they became even more obnoxious. We saw a lot of Yankee fans get tossed out of the game as they began to throw insults around and a few punches as well. Finally the Orioles broke away and won in the top of the 8th with a score of 5 to 10!
We sat near some Yankee fans...and for the most part they were pretty "respectful". We joked around a bit with them all in good fun. At least I thought it was in good fun, until just before the end of the game when we were almost sure to win, they got up and left so they wouldn't have to see their team lose. LOL
All I can say now is....the Baltimore Orioles are undefeated as of right this minute! It's a good feeling, because usually we are at the bottom of the heap. Let's hope this is their season to make it to the playoffs! Let's Go O's!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two down, one to go!

Where to start? Today was so much fun, I can't begin to tell you!

First of all, I finished part 5 of the Gazette 94 ABC sampler! I am so surprised I got some stitching in this weekend! I started part 4 of the Alla Turca, I'll post the pictures when I finish, I DO love stitching on that one! Not that I don't love the others, it's just the I really love the colors on that one.

The next surprise is that we left for Washington, DC early so we could take a peek at the Cherry Blossoms. Today was their last day of "peak blossoms" and the final day of the Cherry Blossom Festival. We didn't say long, there were all kinds of events going on all over the city, but I just wanted to see the Tidal Basin in full bloom. We walked down to the Tidal Basin to see the Jefferson Memorial and I tried to take a pic without people but with the blossoms. It wasn't easy! LOL I did my best. I also have a shot here of the Washington Memorial with the blossoms. It was such a pretty day, not too not, not too cold, and the perfect day for a picnic, so we stopped for some take-out food and ate near the National Mall. I didn't expect to be able to do this, so I was more than pleasantly surprised!

Next stop was the Verizon center were we watched a very exciting Capitals game! They were down by one in the bottom of the 2nd perid, but came back in the third to win it by two! Yay caps! Last night they played and won, and that game clinched the Division Championships for them, so they will go to the play-offs. Let's hope they win the Stanley Cup!! They had VW's at the stadium today, and one car was painted in such a way that you could use it as a white board. DS asked if he wrote his name on it, would it be his? Sounded right to me! And so he signed, let's see if they deliver it tomorrow? He'll have to wait two years to drive it, but I guess it's worth the wait LOL. I've always wanted a VW Bug!!! LOL That's all the more day and our sports extravaganza will be over. They are calling for thunderstorms tomorrow...let's hope lightning strikes twice and the Orioles beat the Yankees! I'll let you know tomorrow!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fan Fest 2009

Today was the beginning of our Sports weekend. Lord, give me strength! I was pleasantly surprised that the guys didn't spend all day there. I do enjoy Fan Fest at Camden Yards. Let's Go O's! They always give away such cool stuff, if you are in the right place at the right time. We absconded with a few bobble heads (Brian Roberts! *drool*) but didn't get his autograph again this year *sigh* This was part of our "haul" and I finally got my floppy hat! (I've been waiting for one of those for years!!) Life is good!

I'm very excited to say I did get Don's autograph. He's the morning achor for WJZ-TV in Baltimore! What fun it was to see the people I eat breakfast with each and every morning up close and personal! They looked like they were having fun!
Just to prove my love of baseball, I have to show you something I stitched for DS last year for his birthday. This is a cross stitched picture of Camden Yards where the Baltimore Orioles play and I do mean "play" because they haven't had a very good season since Iron Man Cal Ripkin Jr retired back in the 80's. (He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame last year!) We keep hoping for a better season. I love the Orioles no matter how they do, but I would enjoy going to games more if they would win more often. Opening day is two days away and they play the dreaded New York Yankees, their nemesis. I hope they win their opening game....I'll let you know in two days! LOL
Tomorrow is the Washington Capitals last home game of the regular season. They won last night putting them in the play offs...let's hope they do as well tomorrow! Rock the Red!
I hope you weren't here hoping to see what I've been stitching lately, that will have to wait until next week sometime, since this weekend is devoted specifically to sports! The curse of living in a male dominated household (or so I let them think LOL).