Friday, August 18, 2017

Waterfalls and Train Whistles

It's been a crazy summer.  I've enjoyed it all, and now that I'm home I just want to BE home.  LOL  I have missed my friends that I usually see often, but haven't seen all summer.  So I'm slowly getting caught up with them.  And finally getting back to stitching!

There will be no stitching in this post (that was previous post! LOL) so if you would like to see the places we visited just recently,  grab your favorite beverage, get a comfy seat and have a look!

We celebrated our Anniversary two weeks ago.  I can't believe we've been married 33 years! I love my husband more than ever now, but it hasn't always been easy.  I'm so glad he puts up with my craziness, and yes, you can call him a saint if you want to...he deserves it!  LOL

My husband likes to surprise me with a trip now and then.  We like the same things for the most part, so I'm always amazed and thrilled wherever we go.  This year we went to Elkins, West Virginia.  I haven't spent much time in WV and had some preconceived notions of what it would be like.  Never again will I just a place by it's location!  The people there were unbelievably friendly (I live in an overcrowded urban setting where people are often less than kind) and charming.  I looked at my husband once and said, "When you retire, can we live here?"  To which Mike replied, "You DO know it snows here in the winter, and look at those mountain roads!"  Oh...yeah....well it would be nice to have a summer home there I suppose.  LOL

So.....we took a train ride the first day up into the mountains, the final spot being a small waterfall.  It had been raining for days on end before we arrived, so there was ALOT of water, and it was LOUD but unbelievably beautiful.  

 There were waterfalls,

and butterflies,

and flowers,

and train tracks that lead to nowhere.

Marsha enjoyed the trip and she brought along Chuck...

We enjoyed a few shows while we were there, The Franks Family show and the Gandy Dancers...

and some hilarious entertainment.  (I tried to upload a video but it wouldn't let me :(  )

We visited Graceland (no not the one in Tennessee, the summer "cottage" built by Senator Davis and named after his daughter) which is now a lovely Inn where they serve breakfast and dinner.  I hope to go back there one day and stay, it's gorgeous!

It didn't matter where we went to eat, there were some fabulous restaurants and one of them made the BEST cheesecake I've ever would be worth the trip just to have another slice!!

We took one day to drive to Blackwater Falls.  Again, with all the rain, the water was giving us quite a show.  The water is a darker color because of the minerals in the ground over which it flows.  I love the sound of the rushing water.  What was unique was we could hear rushing rapids from the river which was out of view because of the trees, long before we heard the falls themselves.  There is something so soothing to me when I hear the sound of water, be it ocean waves, rushing waterfalls or a babbling brook.  That is heaven on earth to me! 

I hope you've enjoyed your visit to Elkins, West Virginia.    Can you see why they call them the Blue Ridge Mountains?  I hope we get to go back in the fall when the leaves are at their peak.  Wouldn't that be lovely?


Linda said...

Looks like a wonderful trip DJ.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your hubby certainly organised a great holiday! Love the waterfalls and the photos of the show look, um, interesting LOL

Meari said...

Very scenic. I would love visiting there, too. We have a waterfall in one of our parks just like the first one you posted. It's so relaxing sitting and listening to it. Happy belated anniversary, DJ!

Mouse said...

glad you had a fabulous time .. the waterfalls are fabulous too .. love to see them myself .. love mouse xxxx

Julie said...

What a great trip you had... thanks for showing your lovely pictures. I'm a waterfall fan, well any expanse of water does it for me.

Von said...

Such a lovely trip and it would be amazing in the fall!!

Desiree Ehleiter said...

Thank you so much for posting all these wonderful pictures. I just turned to my husband and told him, "our next trip is to Elkins, WV"." Doesn't look like there could be an area that is much more peaceful and beautiful. And Happy Anniversary!