Monday, May 30, 2011

The promise of things to come

Good morning everyone!

It's Memorial day...and we have plans, but I just couldn't help updating my blog just one more time in May!

Looking out my window into the garden in the back, I see these little blossoms peeking out. I love this rose bush, and when it's taken care of properly, it blossoms all summer long. The fragrance from these blooms is so sweet, I usually cut a few at a time and have them in the house to bring the freshness inside. Can you see how many buds there are just waiting to open? I guess with all the rain we had this spring, it just fed the plants like crazy. I've never seen Maryland this green! There are so many blossoms on the bushes this year, it's going to be a blaze of color in a day or two (if not later today) that I just had to share them with you.

Another promise coming soon, is the finish of my Snowflake Serenade. I'm so close to finishing now I can almost taste it! LOL I've been trying to steal some stitching time in this weekend but I haven't been too successful. Between dashing to church services, dashing to teen events, spending time with my DH and sleeping round the clock last night (I actually slept 12 hours!!) I just haven't had time to stitch. I'll be leaving for a picnic at a co-workers house in a little bit so no time for stitching today either. This week promises to be busy as well...oh well, you know what they rest for the wicked! LOL

I hesitate to mention this now, in case my plans fall through, but near the end of June, my church is participating in sending some folks to Alabama to help with relief efforts there. They sent a group a little while ago and the stories they told is just heartbreaking. My son would like to go, and so would I, but I seriously wonder if I have the stamina just yet. I'll be working out in the gym every other day for now (started Saturday!) and will be getting the necessary shots. If you are inclined, please pray for my son and myself, for the decision we have to make and that we have clear direction. My heart is breaking for the people who have suffered such loss lately and I truly want to help any way that I can.

Off to get ready for the picnic...Happy Memorial Day everyone! *Hugs*


Nancy said...

What a great gift of time you and your son want to give to the people of Alabama! I will certainly pray that you can build up your stamina to make this happen.

Snowflake is beautiful, you are definitely so close to a finish!

Enjoy your day!

ArchangelDecker said...

Almost finished and it looks sooooooooo pretty! Great job! :)

Sending you and your son hugs and prayers! :)

Gabi said...

Snowflake Serenade looks so very pretty.
And hoping that you make the right decision. Often things are getting clearer as a bit time passes. :)