Monday, July 31, 2017

Winding Sideways....

Not the most original title....but I guess it kinda explains my mood.  I started to type Winding Down....but that's not really the then I typed Winding Up, but that's not really the case that's how I ended up with Winding Sideways.  We are nearing the end of our summer plans so hopefully things will get back to normal...

I have one more trip to make, and it's this week.  We will be leaving our son home while we travel to Elkins, WV.  I've never heard of it before, and I'm not sure why  my husband picked this place, but that's where we are headed.  I'll let you know what we find when we get there.  I searched the internet for cross stitch stores along the way.  Nope...couldn't find a thing.  *sigh*  So if any of you good folks out there know of a good stitch store for me to explore please let me know in the comments.  I'll keep watching to see....and I'll let you know!  We will be celebrating our 33rd anniversary!  He likes to surprise me with these trips....making all the plans...and then telling me where we are going as we are arriving (or sometimes, as in this case, just before we leave).  Yes, I'm spoiled, yes, he's a keeper, and yes, he has a brother...but I got the pick of the litter!!  LOL!!

It's been a wild and crazy summer.  With three trips to Northern NY, visitors galore, and lots of appointments last week, I finally have a couple of days when I didn't have to do anything, and I got caught up on a few things.  

I finally finished up the July installment of the Linen & Threads SAL....just in time for the August installment to get published...LOL  Here it is so far....with a couple of close up shots.

I got caught up on This Corner of Earth Mystery SAL by Tempting Tangles.  They published all the words which I'm thankful for.  So this is actually a few weeks worth, so I'm ahead of the game.  

And....last but not least, here is where I'm at with Sweet Nectar.  I REALLY should do some outlining, it's going to be a bear when I finally do get to some of that.  You can see where I started a little bit of the hummingbirds tail in the center of the circleWi.  That should be fun!  I'm still only about halfway done, I don't know why this one seems to be taking forever....but I will persevere.  

I decided to do a SAL with a few of my St. Michaels friends with Summerschool Lessons.  It finally arrived in the mail, but not all of us have received our items, so I'm waiting until we can all start together.  Hopefully after this weekend I'll be ready to start.  I just love this pattern!!

I'm aching to sink my teeth into this sampler as well.  I think these colors of fabric will be pretty when I'm ready to get started.  What do you think?  I wonder what I will actually finish this year?  I'll keep you posted.  

One of my trips to Northern NY I came home with a few treasures.  My Mom is at that stage that she is giving little trinkets and telling the stories behind them as she does.  This last trip she gave me this little plate that came from Mrs. Gamble's home (the original Mrs. Gamble of Proctor and Gamble fame) Seems my mother's Grandmother worked for the Gamble's (Mrs. Gamble was blind and she was her caregiver) and was given this plate from their table service.  It was something my mother always admired, so her grandmother gave it to her.  I can only imagine how old it must be considering my Mom just turned 80.

The other treasure is something we gave her and Dad one year for their anniversary when we still lived in Germany.   Just recently one of the Hummels I had in our grandfather clock took a tumble and broke.  She offered to replace it with this one that we had given her.  I always loved this little figurine.  Thanks Mom!!  (I'm going to miss the one that broke, though.)

I've been losing weight a little bit here and there.  It's a daily struggle, especially when DH brings home these......Oreo, as if you weren't good enough before, you had to test my will power even more?  You are diabolical...and YES...they are as good as they look.  Since they are flavored coffee tasting, I have declared them breakfast food.  I'm surprisingly self controlled with these things, making them last as long as possible!  LOL

I ran errands like a crazy person today (two days until we leave) and one of them was to my LNS where a couple of wayward items sacrificially jumped into my basket.  When I get back, if I remember, I'll post pictures of my stash enhancement....especially if I find a cross stitch store between here and Elkins, WV!  I'm also thinking of having another watch this space!  

Just learned Katie is back in the hospital tonight.  She has a bacterial infection they can't seem to control with any known antibiotic.  They recently released a new one and they will be starting her on that one hopefully today.  They want to monitor her for a while to make sure she tolerates it ok so admitted her today.  Good thoughts and prayers are appreciated!  Thank you to those who have asked about her and prayed for her before.

See you  next time!  Till then, happy stitching!


Julie said...

Happy Anniversary wishes to you both, have a wonderful trip.
Lots of lovely little crosses being stitched and shown in this blog post.
{healing hugs} for Katie

Linda said...

Lovely stitching DJ. Have fun on your trip.


Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful stitching on everything! Fingers crossed the new antibiotic helps and I hope you have a relaxing time away.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the ear worm too, I now have The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight running through my head!
I love your version of the Linen & Threads SAL, the touches of red are just perfect.
I do hope that you are writing all the stories down when your Mum tells them. Mum and I often remind each other of the stories Grandad told us about each family piece.
Have a wonderful trip!

Astrids dragon said...

Glad you got in some stitching time, I need to find some too!
Hope you are having a great time celebrating your anniversary, lovely gifts from your Mom.

Desiree Ehleiter said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have a wonderful time! All of your projects look wonderful as always. I don't know how you have self control with those cookies. I have threatened by hubby with a slow painful end if he brings those into the house. Good thoughts going out to Katie!

Unknown said...

I love your version of the Linen & Threads SAL, the touches of red are just perfect.
I do hope that you are writing all the stories down when your Mum tells them. Mum and I often remind each other of the stories Grandad told us about each family piece.