Saturday, December 17, 2016


What a perfect day to sit, sip something warm, and watch the ice build up on the trees and things outside my window!  The BGE guy finally arrived Thursday (did I tell you our thermostat was broken?) and replaced our old thermostat (which hasn't worked properly since we moved in here 10 years ago) so now it will shut off when it reaches the so ordered temperature.  We were bouncing from HOT (surface of the sun BROILING) to COLD (Antarctica FREEZE)!!  We finally turned the crazy thing off while sleeping and woke to a balmy 62 degrees every morning.  Thank heavens we don't live north of the Mason Dixon line!!  And thank heavens we don't have an end unit townhouse!!  AND thank heavens we don't have to go anywhere today!  Driving in snow is one thing...but ice...NO THANK YOU!!

We had to go to the local mall last night.  I try to avoid the mall this time of's parking, people are unfriendly (and that's putting it mildly) and clerks are harried.  Why did we have to go?  DH dropped his cell phone and needed a new one.  It was crazy, the screen was completely blank, but it would randomly call people...and play music when if felt so inclined.  But it turned out to be not so bad...we found parking near the Best Buy store, found a friendly, chatty clerk, left with a $300.00 gift card (that would couldn't use toward the price of the phone...go figure??) and free "virtual reality glasses".  It all went so well we decided to stay and see a movie.  Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.  LOVED IT!!!

So...stitching is on the agenda today!  And we are one week away...are you ready?


Desiree Ehleiter said...

Glad your trip to the mall went so much better than expected. Love your advent ornaments! Have a very merry Christmas!


I don't visit you often and I scrolled through your blog. What a lot and beautiful ornaments you have stitched. Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas and Creative 2017.