Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm Preparedness...

Hi Folks!

Well all the news this morning is about Hurricane Sandy sitting about 275 miles off the coast and already wrecking havoc along the coastline.  The pictures look pretty stunning from Ocean City where the waves are crashing over the boardwalk and the streets already are flooded looking like rivers.  It's funny, the main thing that keeps running through my mind is the Salty Yarns and wondering if they are safe and dry...and wishing I had bought more patterns/fabric while I was there a couple of weeks ago.  According to the news this morning, the main stuff from the storm will hit later this afternoon. I am blogging before the power goes out.

Here is a picture of my Hurricane Preparedness kit...the essentials are in the stitching, lamps and tons of batteries.  I'll be rationing the batteries to those hand held video games 'cause Momma needs her light to stitch by!!  LOL

Last night, while watching the storm news and waiting for my guys to drive home from Hershey Pennsylvania (since the bigwigs are fighting over hockey salaries etc. and delaying the beginning of the season, the Capitals have not been playing and the guys are going through sports withdrawal) where they went to see the farm team for the Capitals play, I finished another crazy!  Woo Hoo!!  If I keep this up I'll finish more than my hoped for 15!!  This makes crazy number 14!!  I am thrilled!

Saturday we volunteered to help out with our churches annual Fall Festival.  Mike dressed as an 80's exercise guy...AKA Richard Simmons...but he kind of reminded me how he used to look when we were dating...minus the sweatband on his head.  LOL  His hair was about that length and about that curly.  I need to find an old picture so you guys will see what I'm talking about.  I was supposed to be Indiana Jones, but let's face it, without a bullwhip, I wasn't too convincing.  LOL  I manned the spider ring toss and had a lot of fun!

I finally found a sunny day to take a few pictures of the leaves before they all get blown away by Hurricane Sandy.  I love this time of year.

Just a little picture here of silly ol' Tom.  He has a ritual every morning, when we come downstairs, he cuts us off, nearly tripping us up on the stairs, just so we don't forget our duty as pet owners to BRUSH his fur.  You read that right, this nut likes to be brushed...and will bite and claw and meow until we perform our duties.  If we don't brush him quick enough he will brush his face himself until we arrive to finish the rest of him!  LOL  Here's a picture of him with his brush.  

 Finally a little news about the Hurricane.  The reason people are so concerned is because there is a low pressure coming from the west that is bringing with it some very cold temperatures.  It will mix with the storm from the east that is picking up tons of moisture from the Atlantic ocean and they are predicting blizzard conditions to the west of us.  Because the two storms are converging, they are expecting it to sit over us for a few days, bringing lots of rain and sustained winds.  Since it is so hard to predict, and because they cannot use the "bucket trucks" to reach and repair power lines in high winds, they are predicting we will be without power for 3 or more days.  I am not in a low lying area, but we have had our power go out several times while we've lived here, so I'm expecting we will  lose power here.  We'll be fine...and hopefully the blizzard will stay to the west of us.  Our biggest challenge will be loss of power.  My guys are so excited because they found a battery operated storm radio that will charge a cell phone if needed (I can't imagine how long that will take though!!) so if I can I'll post things on facebook too.  As soon as we get our power back, I'll post my progress on my stitching.   Till then, those of you in the path of Sandy, please stay safe!  I'm praying for all of us as we head into this storm.  Take care!      


Gillie said...

Make sure everything is charged and ready - I saw mention of 20 to 25 foot high waves in Lake Michigan so it has wide reaching effects!

Thomas, you truly are one different cat!

Lots of love and prayers! xxx

Mouse said...

((((HUGS)))) hope all stay safe ... love the finish well done on how many you have achieved ... and coooeeee Thomas ... I will brush you :) love mouse xxxx

Carolyn NC said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope all stays well with you during the storm. Stay safe!

Linda said...

Congrats on the finish and stay safe from the storm.


Denise SA said...

Hope you are safe

Nicola said...

I pray that you and all my pin pals have come through safely..