Friday, March 9, 2012

Get away!

Hi Girls and Guys!  

I know it's been ages since I posted, it's been a wild thrill ride lately!  Where to begin?  Hm....

Well on the stitcy front I haven't accomplished much.  I just haven't had time to stitch, but hopefully that will change soon.  Here is what I've been working on.

I've been trying to stitch here and there on my UFO.  Unfortunately I'm getting nowhere fast.  Here's a little update picture though.

I have been working hard on Lavender Blue from Angie Designer.  I have to finish this by a deadline and it seems like it's taking me ages.  I still have Sweet Flowers to do as well, but at least I have this to show on Lavender Blue.

I worked a wee bit on Matter's Choice but there again I didn't get far.  *sigh*

As for Tyler...please keep that precious teen in your prayers.  He has ups and downs, he is still in the pediatric ICU and has had a couple of really scary moments for his parents.  They tried to wean him from the oscillator but that threw him into crisis.  He is finally off dialysis but now he's having issues with his liver.  He is still on a paralytic so heavens knows what he is experiencing...and the whole process has been so difficult for his parents.  They remain upbeat and positive, and I'm sure it's prayers that are carrying them through.  Tyler is still in a precarious position, but the Lord is doing great works through him and his folks.  His Mom is constantly saying, God is Good!

I had a few rough days lately, and the other day I came home to a surprise....just look what DH had ready and waiting for me when I got home!  He knows exactly what I need to lift my spirits...thank you, Honey.  Love you!!

Well my laptop is finally back from the Geek Squad.  It's running better than ever!!  And I was finally able to get my iPad up and running....oh how I LOVE this machine!!  I rarely win anything, so it was such a surprise to win this at my church.  The first thing I downloaded was a Bible app...and it's getting quite a bit of use!

I had the chance to meet up with some stitchers last weekend to see the unveiling of the Nashville Market merchandise. arm was twisted...not by my friends, but by the lovely patterns I saw displayed.  Sheesh...and I thought I was going to be so good.  Here's a picture of most of the stuff... 

I'm heading out for the weekend with some stitching friends.  I'm honored to be invited to Astrid's family's lake house so will be leaving some time today.  Thomas has already protested...(get off my suitcase silly kitty!!)...

But the guys seem ready and raring for me to go, already scouting Stub Hub for tickets for hockey games this weekend.  Yeah, boys, enjoy your game that only lasts a few hours, cause Momma's goin' away for the weekend.  Woooo Hooo!!  Hopefully I'll have pictures of more stitching and the doin's over the weekend when I get back.  I soooooooo need this after the last couple of weeks I've endured at work.  I love it when your work ethic speaks for matter what others try to pin on you!  Seems like there is a saying out there that goes something like this... When someone says something bad about you, live so that no one believes it.  I've tried to live up to that motto.

OK, time to get off this machine and get ready to go.  Look out Deep Creek Lake, here we come!!


Maggee said...

Oh my gosh--Deep Creek Lake!! I know that place!! My aunt and uncle live in Oakland, so of course when we visit we go down to the lake. What fun you will have! I look forward to seeing lots of stitching and a picture of the house!! Hugs!

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

So good to read your update, DJ. I'm so sorry you had a hard day at work. My calendar had a quote this past week... "Endure. And keep yourself for days of happiness." It sounds like you've done the first and are now ready for some of the second. : ) I love all your new stash. Is the bottom one a Victoria Sampler?? I don't remember seeing it. Love the new North, South, West, East one by LHN. I really need to pull out one of my LHN's again and start on it, but I have so many in the works just now I'm starting to feel even more ADD than I am! : )

Have fun on your getaway!


Carolyn said...

Missed you and glad you're getting a break, it sounds like fun. Look forward to pics!

Terry said...

Have a great time on your getaway! You need the break to sit and relax and not think about work or anything else for that matter.

Nancy said...

Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend!

Veronica said...

Yays! You're back. Welcome back, DJ. You've been missed. Lovely stitching and beautiful rose.

By the way, you still interested in joining our 6 Fat Man SAL? It's starting in April so you still have plenty of time to get your supplies ready ^.^


Mindi said...

Lovely progress on your WIPs, and it looks like you picked up some great Market stash.