Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh Canada!

The second stage of our journey brought us to Toronto, Canada. Strangely enough I ran into a lady this morning that was from Toronto and we were talking about how clean the city is, how easy it is to drive inside the city, how friendly the people are and what a pleasure it is to visit there. We really enjoyed our visit there and even though we originally had reservations to stay two nights, we ended up staying an extra night.

I love it that Canadians are so patriotic to their country, they put the maple leaf on everything, including their McDonalds! LOL Good Old Mickey D's, tastes the same in any language!

My boys dragged me kicking and screaming to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It was a fun visit though...

We saw the holy grail of Hockey....the Stanley Cup. The boys wanted their picture taken with it even though their beloved team, The Washington Capitols, haven't won it yet. DS respected the trophy and cheerfully hugged it...

while DH kissed it for luck. We'll see what the Caps do this year...look out Crosby, Ovechkin is on the hunt!

It really is like a shrine there....with a dome overhead...very pretty for a trophy room...

But my favorite exhibit was the "Miracle on Ice" corner, where USA won the Gold Medal in the 1980 Hockey Olympics. I've been to Lake Placid, New York where the game was played, I watched the game on TV during the Olympics and I've watched the movie many times. It always gives me the shivers!!

Of course the guys had to get a little game on with the electronic games in the gallery. You should have seen them playing their little hearts out against the big bad video machines!! DS always managed to hit his goalie in the head and knocked him flat on his tush...LOL

When the torture...I mean tour...was over, the guys rewarded me with a taste of civilization...definitely worth the hours of boredom....I mean fascination I endured! LOL

As if that weren't bad enough we had a force march tour of Rogers Center, the home of the Toronto Blue Jays. They do love their team...they named a street after them...(can you see the CN tower in the fog in the background? Now you know the reason for our extended stay)...

and bronzed some of the fans!

My favorite pose of DH....Hey Blue Jay Fan, are you a man or a mouse?

We took a trip to the heavens in the CN tower. What a view!!

There is a glass floor all the way up there. AND, new this year....you can pay a good sum of money to strap yourself to two thin tethers and take a tour OUTSIDE on the ROOF of the dome at the top. You couldn't PAY me enough let alone spend good money that could be spent on cross stitch supplies to do that!!!!!

We ate at the Boston Pizza place one night, and the food was GREAT but the desert was GREATER!!! This was absolutely decadent, but OH so GOOD!!

We were told the CN tower was the second most visited site in Canada, when asked if we knew the MOST visited site...DH and DS shouted out simultaneously," The Hockey Hall of Fame" to which the tour guide said "Now you're just messing with me". Can anyone guess the most visited site in Canada?

If you guess Niagara Falls, you are correct...so we hit the most popular sites. We also visited a castle in Toronto. Has anyone heard of Casa Loma? We stayed an extra day so we could do something NOT sports related. Thanks guys! It was fun to put a little taste of culture in our visit. It's a lovely place to visit...Inside....

and out!

I got a kick out of their mailboxes....so for those of you who I sent post cards to from Canada, here's the box it was collected from!

And that concludes our Toronto portion of our tour. Check back in a day or two and you'll see our trip to the Thousand Islands, the St. Lawrence River that separates Canada and New York. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments! *Hugs*

Just a little mention that Gillie is having a give-away on her blog http://britishladybythelake.blogspot.com/ in honor of her anniversary and and the third anniversary of her blog. Congratulations, Gillie and WT!


Kathy said...

What a wonderful vacation you and your men had. I just love all the photos. Fabulous. Especially the ones of the Falls. (Don't tell but I have never seen them and I have lived in NY longer than you! LOL)

Thank you for sharing your trip with us. And welcome home. :)

Babs in Alabama said...

I just saw yesterday and today's post altogether and lost my breath a couple times looking at your pictures. How beautiful and interesting and awe-inspiring. But most of all, I listened to the pure joy in your voice as you talked to us. How happy I am that after all that's gone on, you ared able to travel and do! If you pay close attention, you will note a little envy in my voice :)
God bless and welcome home!
hugs, babs

Gillie said...

Thanks for the mention! Tell the boys they should have supported the Penguins, lol, then they'd have seen the Cup! Good to see so many British flags hanging in Castle Loma!

Maureen said...

thanks so much for sharing your holiday pics - you are making me very envious as Canada is definitely on our to visit list..

Veronica said...

I love the dome ceilings of the Hockey Hall of Fame and Casa Loma. The stained glasses are gorgeous! LOL! You wouldn't pay me enough to walk on the roof of CN Tower either. Just the thought of it made me cringed. Oh, I love the mailbox too. Definitely fancy and unique :) Once again, thanx for sharing your holiday pics.

Brigitte said...

I was completely enjoying the pictures of your treip. Must have been a wonderful vacation. Thanks for sharing.