Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I finished another UFO!!

Hello needlework fans wherever you may be!

I'm so thankful for The Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group!! Dear Mouse wields the wet noodle on Thursdays if we haven't worked on our UFO's during the week, and because I fear the lashings, I do my best to stitch on a UFO (unfinished object) at some point during each week. This has been (and will continue to be) a very busy week for me, and since I was meeting Astrid for a few hours of stitching yesterday, I decided I would work on my ABC "Marquoir Victorine 1897" found on I was able to finish the last few stitches while watching Dancing with the Stars last night! This will be my third UFO finish for the year, and I know it's because Mouse keeps us rolling on our unfinished pieces. Thanks Mouse!! And here is the finished piece! I can't believe it has taken over two years to finish this piece! I started it back in April 2009 using DMC floss 310, 355, 830, 832, and 926. It was stitched on 32ct Meadow Rue over one linen thread. The hardest part about finishing another UFO is trying to decide which one to tackle next! They have been circling my stitching chair crying for attention for a few years now...I guess I'll pick a name out of a hat. LOL

I must confess I don't know much about this piece except what I could translate from the blog that was offering the patterns, that she had found this antique sampler rolled up in a drawer and decided to chart it so we could make the reproduction. It's lovely isn't it? When I showed it to Astrid, she keyed in on Le Chambon. I've been trying to find out more about the area ever since. What I've learned intrigues me, since this small area in France was became a shelther for Jewish refugees who were fleeing persecution during World War II. I am going to do more research on that, as I'm thrilled to learn that Christians living in the town were able to take these people in and shelter them from the Nazi's. What God fearing and courageous people they must have been! The only thing is that the date on the sampler was from well before World War II. I wonder if Victorine was born in 1897 and if she was one of the people of the town who helped rescue Jewish people, or if she was a teenager when she stitched the piece in 1897. If only inanimate objects could talk, eh?

I've been working on Snowflake Serenade by Little House Needleworks here and there. This is another of the crazies and has proved to be quite a fast stitch! I really have enjoyed stitching on this piece!

The crazies are dwindling...I have 4 left counting this one, but of the last three, two are SALs so I'm at the mercy of the people supplying the charts for those. Someone in one of my yahoo groups is already rounding up what she'll start next year for the same challenge. Oddly enough I've been doing the same thing. LOL I've been contemplating stitching something for Woodlawn too, and I found a pattern to help teach Astrid some hardanger. Either I need a clone, or I better live till I'm over 100 (while keeping my eyesight.. LOL) so I can accomplish all I want to do. Wish me luck!

Just a little personal note here, I am back on antibiotics UGH!! Last Friday, after my iron infusion, I noticed a red spot above my incision. It continued to grow over the weekend, so I called the Plastic Surgeon on Monday and he saw me that afternoon. After drawing a lovely circle around it in purple ink, he prescribed antibiotics and wants to see me in a week. I'm not sure what he was thinking when he drew the circle (which of course, rubbed off on my clothes grrrrr) because, after all, I DO take a daily shower. It's only been two days and it's already a faded memory. LOL He did say I could use a sharpie should it come off, but he didn't think it would. Which gives me pause to wonder how often HE takes a shower! MEN....honestly!!! Anyway...I saw the cardiologist today and I saw him do a double take looking at the faded purple mark...I started giggling because I can only imagine what he must have thought! After all, I did say once I was going to play "connect the dot" with all my scars when I had finished the last surgery! I explained, but he still looked at me like I'd lost my marbles...which, by the way, you haven't seen have you? Please return them if you have, I'll pay the postage! LOL Tomorrow I'll have a CT scan then will see my's going to be a LONG day...but Friday, Lord willing and the creek doesn't rise...I'll get to spend time with Sonya! Can't wait!

I know this will sound a bit strange...but I spent a little time clothes shopping today. I can't remember if I mentioned that DH has made plans for a surprise for me. DS will be going on a trip with the youth group at church in the near future, and DH made arrangements to take me out of town. All I know is that it will take 3 hours to get there by car. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out where he'll be taking me, but he's being very good not to let the cat out of the bag. Since the surgery, my clothes just don't seem to fit they way they used to...not that I've gained that much weight, but the proportions just aren't the same, if you know what I mean. So...I decided I needed a few things to wear for the trip (sounds logical doesn't it? and besides...a little retail therapy never hurt anyone...just the purse strings! LOL) I found a sale...BOGO half off. So...I chose a few things, and headed to the check out. While there, the clerk and I realized that one of the items wasn't being marked half off in the computer. On inspection we discovered some clothes hanging in the wrong place. So I chose another. In the meanwhile another customer checking out next to me had arrived at the checkout. She had "Daisy Dollars" which are coupons for money off your purchases over a certain amount. She had two of them that she couldn't use and gave them to me. Not only did I get those sale items, I got an additional $10.00 off!! In the end, I got two garments free with the amount that I saved! If I hadn't been delayed from choosing the wrong garment that wasn't on sale, I wouldn't have been RAK'd by the other customer. Everything happens for a reason! And even the clerk was pleasant about the whole thing!

The last thing I wanted to mention today, is that my prayer list has been growing by leaps and bounds lately. First, for the people of Japan, there are STILL people missing there, AND, they are finally coming "clean" about the true state of their nuclear reactors. I fear those people are going to be seeing the effects well into the future...especially the children. I'm still praying for the people of Alabama, I think of Babs often, and her children that were affected by those violent storms. I check her blog often hoping to hear how they are doing. It's been weeks since she posted and I am concerned! Then the people of Joplin, MO who were bombarded this week, and last night Oklahoma. I can't help but wonder about all these natural disasters wrecking havoc around the world. I'm thankful every day that I haven't had to face such loss and devastation, and keep praying that those people will find comfort and support. Some people from our church have been to Alabama with supplies and assistance and plan to go back in the near future. I only wish I were well enough to go with them. The stories of the people there helping one another and praising the Lord for the blessings in their lives even though they've lost all their possessions is truly uplifting.

Well, if you've made it this far, you're a trooper! Thanks for visiting...have a great day! If you are here in the US, enjoy your holiday weekend! *Hugs*


Nancy said...

Congratulations on the lovely finish! You have made great progress snowflake! Glad your hubby has a surprise trip planned for you, that is so sweet of him!

Mouse said...

ooo lovely glad you managed to get it worked out and finished :)love the snowflake :) you are really doing well on the crazies :) so pleased I have a good effect on you heheheh and ooooo a trip somewhere ... its not long enough to come and see me NOOOO :( and yes I keep sending positive thoughts for all those affected by all the things going on atm :( and letter is in progress ;) love mouse xxxx

ArchangelDecker said...

Congrats on your gorgeous finish. That was quite the undertaking! :)

Astrid's dragon said...

I love everything you make, keep on stitching.

I think I want to go clothes shopping with you next time, you know how to shop - I already know you can craft shop!

Have a great day with Sonya!