Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Dancing!!!

Hello fellow bloggers and friends out there in cyber land! You may wonder why I'm happy dancing today. I'm feeling like I've accomplished a lot today!! I've been stitching up a storm the past couple of days and I will show you those finishes...but the ONE BIG FINISH of the day has to do with....*drum roll* Chemo!!! Yes, today was my final Chemo treatment and so I put another notch on the proverbial gun that is eradicating the cancer!! YAY!!

Last night was our support group meeting where I met another traveler on this road to wellness. She happened to be an oncology nurse!! When I told her last night that today was my last chemo treatment, she looked for me today and switched with the nurse I was supposed to have! We discussed so many things, things that she had learned, things that I had learned, and I left there feeling like I have a new found friend for life! When I was almost finished, she came to me and in a loud voice, proclaimed to the clinic that today was my last treatment and presented me with this certificate! Being the framer that I am, I told her I was going to frame it and hang it in pride of place somewhere among my cross stitch pieces, because of all the projects I've worked on in my lifetime, this is probably the most challenging! Here's a picture, she had taken the certificate around to some of the nurses that had given me treatment in the past and had them sign. I thought that was a sweet gesture.

I've also been finishing a lot of stitching, so here are a few. The first is a needlepoint piece that was a challenge for me. I didn't realize that using the needle to pull through that tough canvas would hurt my fingers. I learned today that that was another side effect of chemo! I was surprised that my fingers hurt when I was done as they hadn't done that in the past when I worked on needlepoint. Surprise surprise. I passed a lot of my "issues" off as me being me but I learned today that my sore fingers were probably from the chemo and so are a lot of other things happening in my body. Can I just say, I'm so glad this is over and I'm on the path to wellness now and I'm looking forward to feeling "normal" again, whatever that means! LOL

I've been trying to work on the Little House Needlework Christmas ornaments that were released throughout the year. I finished Fa La La (Mouse seems to think that the two ladies in the piece are her and me....and we'll just let her think that for now....LOL) and framed it, but here are two in the WIP stage. The first is "He's a Flake" and the second is "Snowy Pines".

I tried to work on this today, but every time I bent my arm, the alarm bells on my IV went off and it stopped flowing. So...I looked at it longingly and didn't get any stitching done...maybe later. LOL Sad thing is, that when I tried to eat (I was there over lunch) and the same thing happened! I finally gave up, took my glove off my left hand and ate left handed. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

I've also been working on a few things for some fellow "sisters". I'm not sure I'll finish these before the holidays, but I'll keep plugging when I can and see how far I get. So here's the first completed one....

The last piece here is a Blackbird Designs piece. I finished this on 32 count over one so it is pretty small. I think people have made them into pin pillows, but this one is so small, I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet. It's even almost too small to frame. Hm...maybe a scissors fob? If you have an idea, please comment, I'm at a loss what to do with it.

Ok, I feel the chemo brain fog descending. Usually I have a lot of energy, but I haven't slept well in the past few days. I did have a steroid with my treatment today so I feel jittery and in the past couldn't sleep. We'll see what the next few days hold. DS is having a spaghetti dinner tomorrow at church to raise funds for some trips the teens have planned this summer and I really wanted to go. Saturday night is church and the past few sermons have been really good...I really want to go. Wish me luck, because I really really want to get back to normal as soon as possible. We'll see how things go.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my good news! It's onward and upward from this point forward. I appreciate all your kinds words, thoughts and prayers. You guys keep me going! Thank you! *Hugs*


nutmegg said...

DJ,you cannot believe how happy I am for you,many of us have traveled this road with you.I know it wasn't a good one for you but if something good came out of it, it was that it made me go and have a mammogram, which thankfully was given the all dear friend Have a wonderful Christmas a happy and healthy new year......maybe there is something in praying for a I said many for you xoxoxoxoxo

Cindi J said...

I am so happy for you, DJ. I know how you feel being through with your chemo and looking forward to being cancer free. Hope your holidays are special.

vEr0n!c@ said...

I'm happy that you've completed your chemo. Here's to being cancer free.

All your finishes are so lovely. Congratulations!

Maggee said...

Yahoo! Yippee! Congratulations TJ! So glad that chemo is finished for you!! Just in time for you to possibly enjoy the holidays!! Goody!! May they be the best ever! I find that ALL the holidays, nah---all the days, period, are more special now. Try to make the best of each one! I wish you MUCH happiness! Big Hugs!!!! Oh, and love that BCA piece--who is the designer?

Pete's Pixie said...

So, so happy for you DJ. One milestone gone and the others will be leapt over I am sure. Your finishes are beautiful as always (love the "snowflake"). Hope you get to church tomorrow but I have a feeling with your determined spirit you will be there. Have a big bowl of spaghetti for me! Keep stitching and inspiring! Love n hugs, Ally xxx

Mouse said...

wooo hooo happy dance :)Onwards and upwards now eh :) love the finishes and I think the blackbird one should be made into a fob if it is that small ??? still singing at the good news falalalalalaaaaaa ;)
(((((HUGS)))) mouse xxxxxx

Babs in Alabama said...

I thought of you off and on all day yesterday, DJ, knowing it was "that day". What a thoughtful thing they did with the certificate, and yet another life long friendship begun! Stitching is adorable, God bless and get you feeling good enough for church and spaghetti and Christmas lights and maybe a little shopping :) happy dancing & hugs ((((DJ))))

hazel said...

So pleased you have finished the round of chemo and such a nice idea to give you a certificate. Your stitching is beautiful with the With Hope one being so special.

Hope you get to church and enjoy some lovely days ahead.

Hazel C (UK)

Val said...

So pleased to hear this good news DJ - and you most certainly deserve that certificate

(((hugs))) .... Val x

Terry said...

So glad that your chemo is finally done!!! Yay!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Hope that you feel well enough to go to church for the dinner. Stitching is absolutely lovely. Love the piece you are doing for your friend.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunshine said...

Excellent news DJ, So nice to have the certificate too. Your stitching is Great. I look forward to seeing your finishes.

Gillie said...

Goodness me, what a lot of stitching and HOORAY for the certificate and all it means!

Quiltsmiles said...

OMG!!!! While checking back through your blog I saw this and my first thought was OMG! Your last name was my maiden name. I know your husband is from the northern NY area too but I do know that we are not related. Talk about coincindenes. A fellow yahoo group blogger and friend from Northern NY.