Thursday, October 7, 2010

I know, I know...

Sorry Pat! I've been baaaaad again!! Life just has a way of getting in the way!! I swear I sleep my life away at this point!

First I have to say, I made a mistake on my title of the previous blog post. I have only had five treatments...I'm jumping the gun I guess. I can't wait for them to be over! I DO still have three more to go...but I feel like I'm finally on the downhill slope!

It's been an interesting week, and I must say I'm very tired. Chemo was strange this time, it was the first dose of a new medication and I wasn't sure how it would affect me. The first day or two wasn't too bad, and then the fatigue and body aches set in. I have never taken so many naps in one day for so many days in a row! I feel much better now, even stayed out past my bedtime last night (thanks for the fun, Sonya!) I'm glad I have two weeks to "play" before the next round! I have physical torture...I mean physical therapy today (I'm wondering if part of the body aches were from my last session where the therapist knelt over me and put her full weight on my shoulder trying to stretch it out and "push" it back where it belongs... I tried to tell her it will take more than that to erase 50 years of bad posture!! LOL) I also hope to get some UFO stitching in today and avoid the wet noodle so precisely wielded by the Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group! Hm...I wonder how physical therapy and the wet noodle wound up in the same paragraph? Interesting eh? LOL Can you spell t-o-r-t-u-r-e?

Oh, and that reminds me!! I LOVE reading your comments!! I especially love a few that have been written to the past two posts. Edy, my dear, you crack me up!! I'm off sometime today to buy an eyebrow pencil so I can paint interesting expressions on my face! I laughed out loud when I read your comment, to the point where DH was ready to commit me to the loony bin. I mentioned what you said at the support group meeting last night too, that comment is making the rounds, girlfriend! What a hoot!!

Also, Rose Mary asked me where I got the pattern for my "D" that I have been working on the past few UFO days. Well, you know me, right? I'm a sucker for freebie charts and YES, they have the whole alphabet on this site. Here is the exact page, but do look around her site as she has some really interesting patterns (including another monogram alphabet chart that is rather pretty!). If I've done my job right, you should be able to click on the link and it will take you there! Have fun!!

Ok, I am off to get ready for physical therapy, and get some UFO stitching done. I'm anticipating a day with my friend Sonya tomorrow, stitching my day away with some good company and a few belly laughs if I know my buddy Sonya! Hopefully I'll have pictures in the near future of my progress. Till then, keep stitching and giggling, and leave some comments, I love to hear from you!!

Oh, by the way, I am seriously thinking about a blog giveaway to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness keep your eyes peeled, and come back soon! *Hugs*


Cindi J said...

Happy to hear that you are feeling better and you have a couple of weeks break between each treatment. When my Mom had chemo it was every week.. She would finally get over the effects of a treatment and it was time to go again...
And besides... naps are good !!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Enjoy your breat time! Stitch up a storm and every other thing you've been wanting to do!!

Mouse said...

What you mean torture heheheheh.. I am very gracious in my dealings with the wet noodle Sleep is good for you they are called power naps as you are "recharging your batteries" hope the physio went well and will squeak to you soon ;0