Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top Ten...

I feel a little like David Letterman today...but here goes anyway! LOL

Top Ten reasons to be thankful for being bald... Ready?

1. Save money on expensive shampoos.
2. Save time by not having to style my hair in the morning.
3. Save the planet by using less water by not washing my hair in the shower.
4. Keeps you cool in the summertime.
5. Boost the economy by bringing hats back into fashion thereby creating jobs for hat makers and designers alike.
6. You don't have to wear one of those net thingies while preparing food for large quantities of people.
7. You bring a little "shine" back into people's lives.
8. No more bed head or helmet head!
9. Keeps drains running freely with no hair clogs.

And the top ten reason to be thankful for being bald....

10. Gray hair? What gray hair?



Mouse said...

Hi babes that made me giggle and we don't have grey hair we have silver highlights ;)love mouse xxxxx

Edy said...

Love it!

lynda said... are the most amazing and inspiring woman!
Thanks for making me smile!