Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Job Well Done...

*Heavy sigh*

It was a long day today, and I was only at work for 6 hours. LOL Isn't it funny how some days you are so busy that when you turn your back, the day is over before it's really begun (that happens on my days off! LOL) and other days the time drags on and on.

Monday was such a day. I spent 10 hours at the store, but felt like I was on a treadmill all day, running like crazy but never moving from the same spot. It was a furlough day for Anne Arundel teachers, so no school for the kiddies which meant a lot of parents were home as well. Guess they were all sitting around their houses thinking it was time to get something framed. I've had a few too many days off, and when I returned we were behind in our I tried to send an order for framing materials, in between taking care of customers, answering phone calls, and making phone calls. A coworker showed up halfway through the day (and a good thing she did too!) and the two of us fielded customers taking quite a few orders. I didn't have much time, so didn't get many things prepared for framing. The day was over before I had time to even think about the work that was waiting for me that day.

Today was my day to try and catch up, so I literally ran though my day. I actually got about 3 days worth of things prepared. I was feeling a bit punk, so I tried not to stop for too long. I was afraid if I did I would drop in my tracks. I have to admit though, it's a good feeling to come away from a day like today when I really did accomplish a lot of work. I feel super human when I do that. LOL I feel sorry for the framer, when he sees the pile of things I have for him to do tomorrow! I hope he has as productive a day as I did today! Then he can feel super human too! (I should get a t-shirt with a huge F emblazoned on the front for Super Framer LOL)

Even though Monday was a hard day at work, it was a great day when I got home. I had two letters waiting for me, a little gift, a cross-stitch magazine, and my paycheck! Can it get any better than that? (Well a raise in my pay would have been better, but since that probably won't happen until the economy improves, I'll take what I got and be happy! LOL) There is something about coming home from a hard day at work, and kicking off my shoes and picking up a letter from a friend. Seems that letter writing is a dying art, and what a pity too. Those letters soothed my aching feet, put a smile on my face, and quieted my aching body. Nothing like a few kind words from a friend far away to put a little joy in your life. Now the trick to receiving letters, is to write one first! I wrote to an acquaintance in a yahoo group and we are fast becoming friends. She enjoyed getting real mail so much, she wrote back, and now I think we both look forward to each other's letters. It's a great way to become a friend through writing. I challenge you to find a "buddy" to write too and see how much it changes your life!

Off to work on my Camelot Sampler. I'm almost finished with the Vines so there should be an updated picture soon. Keep watching this spot! And thanks for reading my rambling.



Gillie said...

Hi friend, just got back from a lovely meal with the WT, it's snowing like crazy and cold! Thanls for the birthday wishes!

Tracey said...

I love to get letters too! I used to have a ton of pen pals from my pre-teen/teenage years. I still have 3, and my grandma and I write letters too. I know exactly what you mean about work, and I love those busy days- I HATE when the day drags on!! Can't wait to see your Camelot progress!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Congrats, Super F... a day well spent.