Monday, November 16, 2009

Just a Qucik Dash...

Good Morning!

Just a quick dash here before I run off to work. It's been a crazy morning for a Monday, and as my Mother always said "So goes Monday, so goes the week!" I sure hope that isn't true of this week!! I woke up at 5:30 AM (VERY early for me) and couldn't go back to sleep. So I did a little stitching, a little straightening up the house, and a little breakf
ast for the guys before they headed out. A few minutes after DS left, we got a call from his cell phone that he had missed the bus. As we were getting to run out to drive him to school, the phone rang and there was a message that the buses were delayed due to an accident (gee I hope noone was seriously hurt!) He just thought he had missed the bus, but his Dad took him to school so he wouldn't be late anyway.

So, with still a lot of time left before I have to head out, I thought I'd finally update things. It has been a slow few days. I stayed home from work Thurs and Fri because I have the bug that everyone has been passing around. Guess it was my turn. I got some stitching done those few days.

Saturday I went dress shopping. I have been asked to be a Bride's Maid in a
co-worker's wedding. I'm very flattered to have been asked, but mortified at the same time, as the dresses they have for attendants are very revealing and not too flattering for someone of my age. But it was a fun day trying on dresses and joking around. I was only out for a few hours, but after battling the bug it left me pretty tired.

Sunday DH and DS begged me to go to a movie with them. We've been hearing all sorts of things about 2012 and decided to check it out. Now for the record I want to say I don't believe anything will happen on Dec 12, 2012 other than a regular day. I just happen to like action/adventure movies. And if you like sitting on the edge of your seat, cringing and gasping for air over AWESOME special effects, you will LOVE this movie! It left all of us raving about the movie. It sucked you in, it made you cry in some spots, it made you think about what YOU would do in certain situations, and when I tried to stand up after the movies, my knees were locked up. Not because I had sat there so long, but because I had remained tensed through the whole movie. I didn't realize I had done that until I tried to stand up after the movie. *chuckling*

Oh, before I forget, here are a few pictures to satisfy your curiosity. First is my Mother's Christmas gift. Shhhhh...not a word to her if you please! I was pleased how quickly I was able to stitch it. I hope she likes it!

Here is the project I started because of my disease "Startitis". It's called Quaker Seasons by My Big Toe. I'm stitching it on 32 ct Antique Ivory over one using the Weeks Dye Works threads it suggests. I've made a mistake though. The "wreath" is supposed to be a greenish color. I can't decide if I should keep it this color or frog. Since I'm stitching over 1 it's going to be a challenge to do...any suggestions?

Last (but not least) is another picture of my crazy cat. He loves boxes, and I think he overheard me saying I was going to throw this one away. It's sitting in my kitchen and even though it's out of the way, he has too many of them scattered about. As soon as I said it was on my "hit list" he jumped in and gave me this maniacal look. I decided I like my appendages right where they are and the box has remained untouched (except by the cat of course!) LOL

Hope your Monday is less chaotic than mine! *Hugs*

Friday, November 6, 2009

Temptations and Secrets

How's that title for grabbing your attention? Cloaked in secrecy and loaded with temptations, my guess is you are wondering what I'm up to. Nothing as devious as the title sounds but you'll have to read on to find out what I'm talking about! LOL!!

I know we're told to flee temptations, but I have a couple here that i just couldn't resist. Hold on to your socks and be thankful that you aren't at my house or you'd be tempted too! So what's the temptation you ask? Here they are...yes, the infamous Oreo cookies. There is a package of them sitting on the counter in the kitchen and they call my name whenever I walk by. *sigh* DH buys them and then there they sit...tempting me, and I try so hard to avoid them...and every now and then, my resolve dissolves.
But the REAL temptation that I should have fled and didn't is this.... Thea Gouverneur's London. Yes, I justified it by saying it was my birthday and it was the ONE thing I REALLY wanted, and it arrived at my LNS yesterday. Today was my day off soooooooo...I had to make the pilgrimage to get it. We visited London a few years ago and these are all the
places we visited. Isn't it great? Am I insane? YES! But I can't wait to sink my teeth into this baby...and I'll be good and wait until after the first of the year. Any bets on how long this will take? And if I'll be completely insane at the end?

I'll treat you to a few of the things I'm working on now...are you ready? Today week 45 came out of the ASAW. I'll be so sad when this finishes as I'm having a blast trying to make each one unique. Here are two pictures, one of this weeks pattern, and one of the entire piece I have stitched so far. The middle is missing because I can't decide what to do, if I want the alphabet or the garden motif. It's a quandry...and suggestions?

I've been thinking about Christmas...eeek! It's a bit early for me, but with the Christmas commercials on tv coming out already, decorations in the stores, and people clamoring to get their framing done before Christmas it's hard to ignore. So I broke down and stitched this. It will go in a whimsy frame with a snowflake on it, maybe I'll take another picture when I get it framed. Cute isn't it?

Now...for the secret. Shhhhh...don't breath a word of this to my Mom. She doesn't do the internet thing so I'm going to post a picture of something I'm making her for Christmas. I'm curious to see if anyone knows what this is. Any guesses?

Last but not least, I was sitting here quietly typing (ok not so quietly) and I heard an incredible ruckus upstairs. I ran up to see the rug in front of the door askew, the cat tree toppled on its side and a pounding on the stairs. I thought I might have been overrun by a burglar but all I found was this...

How could such a cutie make such a mess? Since he and I are the only ones here, it had to be him because I know I didn't wreck the havoc I found. They sure know how to look innocent, but underneath all the fur lies a demon in disguise! LOL

Have a good evening!