Thursday, July 30, 2009

The boss is back in two days!

Just had to share! About two weeks ago this older gentleman came into the shop to order a framing job for two coins. One was a penny, the other a half dollar. It was a challenging order as he was VERY particular but we finally chose the "perfect mat and frame" and design. When we were finished, he unexpectedly KISSED MY HAND....UGH!!! I know it probably sounds romantic and all that, but for some reason it totally grossed me out!!! In time his order came up for preparation and I cut the mats, and fit everything inside. It was a challenge as he wanted the coin to show from the back of the frame as interesting job. He came back today to pick it up, and I had been working very hard all day. I had been spraying and dry mounting and working with black paper (LOL it's not a job for tidy people!) and I have to tell you my hands were a mess. Never-the-less he again kissed my hand. EWWWWWWWWWW If only he had known what my hands had been up to before he came in. my Dad always said...You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die...that man is well on his way! LOL I must say I meet the most interesting people!

Today was another chaotic day. It seemed that everything I touched had "issues". Fortunately I'm a few days ahead and tomorrow is another day. I had forgotten there were days like these when I said I would come back, and it's days like these that made me leave in the first place! Who would have thought that framing would be a stressful job? LOL But when you have customers that rant and rave because the frame they chose is out of stock nationwide and won't be back in stock for another two weeks *sigh*, and customers who refused to drymount their posters then come back in and complain that it's rippled, we even had one lady who accused us of changing the colors in her artwork (I'd like to know how we did that...LOL) and left fingerprints on her suede mats (it was just the effect of the suede, we didn't really leave fingerprints)...LOL It's a crazy world...But...the weekend is coming and I can't wait!!!

Off to bed, I'm exhausted. Tomorrow is my last day this week, so look out weekend here I come! I'm getting my fingers in shape to stitch the weekend away! Until later...


nutmegg said...

Hi DJ,enjoy your week-end and get lots of stitching time in

Bizzie Fingers said...

Gotta love working with the public :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend stitching!!
Karen :)