Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love of the sea

Good Morning!

I thought I would show you some of my absolute favorite pictures that I have stitched. After we were first married, DH and I lived in Hawaii. We've been thanking our fellow taxpayers since then for our 4 year honeymoon in Hawaii! I guess you could say we were there on the taxpayers dime since he was stationed there and I was fortunate enough to live there with him in government quarters. It was the best time of our married life. That is were I fell in love with the sea. We first lived in a small apartment across the street from the beach. We would watch the sun set into the ocean every night and listen to the waves crash against the shore. There is something so soothing about the sound of water, whether it be the babble of a brook, the thunder of a waterfall, or the crashing of the waves. I slept the best in my life listening to the rhythm of the sea there in Waialua, Hawaii.

I woke up one morning to hear a lot of commotion down on the street. I stepped out on our lanai and peeked out over the ocean to see the fluke of a whale, then another. They were not far from shore, and were feeding off the bottom. It was a mother whale teaching her offspring to feed, I guess, but we were getting the show of a lifetime while they waved their tails at us. Since then, we've had a deep love and respect for whales as well.

We lived in Arizona for a while, too, and learned to appreciate the Native Americans and their philosophy of life. I have a deep respect for them, and their love of the Earth. This pattern is from the Stitching Studio and the artist usually depicts a "totem" in her artwork. It ties the love of the sea with our respect for Native Americans together. This was a Christmas present for DH last year.
We've lived in many places near the ocean and for some reason I have a fascination for lighthouses. While living in California we heard of one farther up the coast that was for sale. I would have loved to live in a lighthouse! Wherever we live we try to visit them. One trip took us up the coast of Maine where we stopped to see quite a few of them. They are such a beacon of hope, a place of refuge, a guiding light. There are many unique ones here in Maryland that I hope to visit sometime soon. We are looking for something special to do for our 25th anniversary this year, maybe that will be our gift to ourselves. Time will tell.
I have a few more whale charts that I hope to one day get to. If I work things right I might get one done for Christmas for DH this year too. I'll let you know if I get there. Thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed the "tour".


nutmegg said...

HI DJ, you do beautiful work, I am the same I love the ocean,many years ago I bought a kit that was on special of a lighthouse it's done in a combination of xstitch and long stitch I'll take a pic. today and put it in my blog, I also love native American,and have a few charts must do another one. take care xo

usefularts said...

Hi DJ, I finally had a few minutes to check your blog. I love these pieces you've stitched! Knowing how fast you stitch, you probably did them all in a month! Hope to see you soon, Pat